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The next (and the last) makeup look I decided to tackle was a mermaid. I remember last year seeing a few people do these really cool makeup looks, and I wanted to try it out as well. It did not go well. But I gave it my best shot and I guess that’s all that matters! I’m not a makeup artist or good at makeup in any way, so doing this kind of look was well out of my comfort zone and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

One thing I really loved, and that happened accidentally, was my hair being red. I had planned to do this makeup look a few days ago but the way things worked out, I didn’t have time to sit and do it and take the photos for it, so I postponed it a few days and ended up with red hair for it. You can all call me Ariel now.

I started off with my standard base, The Ordinary Coverage foundation and Seventeen Stay Time concealer. I did my eyebrows as normal with an eyebrow pencil and then had to start actually making it look relatively mermaid-y. October’s Glossybox actually came massively in handy for this look and I exclusively used the Unicorn v Mermaid palette from it – the colours were perfect for what I was going for. I pretty much blended a bunch of blues, greens and purples onto my eyes and then used a NYX blue mascara to finish it off. I would not recommend this mascara as it wouldn’t come off my eyes using makeup remover, I had to have a hot shower and then pick bits off so as you can imagine, I lost a lot of eyelashes. It was not worth it.

To do the scaly bits, I butchered a pair of fishnet tights and held them over my face whilst I put eyeshadow over it. I really struggled with this, and I initially didn’t want to cut up the tights but I couldn’t get the angle right and kept having to redo it. I’m still not completely happy with it but that’s about as good as it’s going to get! I also added some blue to the side of my nose, and I kept it just to the one side of my face because I felt that looked better. Compared to loads of other people’s, it looks completely unprofessional and I kinda hate it but I cannot face doing it again. For highlighter, I took a smaller eyeshadow brush and used the blue strip of colour from the Unicorns Heart rainbow highlighter from Superdrug. I put this on both cheekbones and around my temples, and the glow was so nice. Just, obviously, it was blue.

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I know other people could’ve done this look so much better, but we’ve all got to start somewhere! Now just to google how to make my eyelashes grow back.

What are you going as for Halloween?



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