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My favourite part about Autumn is hands-down the amazing lipstick shades you can wear. I’m not one of those people that feels like they have to wait until October to bust out the dark red, but it definitely feels a lot more appropriate and I’m all for literally being head-to-toe Autumn.

There are so many lipsticks that I picked out when I was sorting through them for this post, and I’m not really sure I can narrow them down so we’re just going to have to get stuck in. FIRST UP; berry shades. I am lusting after Charlotte Tilbury’s Glastonberry and I may well purchase it this year but until then, I’ve got my substitutes. This cute little MDMflow (?) lipstick was in a Glossybox a few months ago, I think you got to pick the shade you wanted and I picked Vamp, which is the nicest dark purple. I love wearing this and it’s my first port of call if I want a berry lip. Along the same lines, this little Ted Baker lipstick was in a Christas gift set I got, and it’s a similar shade to Vamp but I think it’s just a bit more shiny. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a shade name so I can’t tell you what it is, but I’d say go for Vamp if you want that sort of shade!

I couldn’t not include a matte liquid lipstick because of how much I use them, this one is by Gerard Cosmetics and I took a risk with this one because I didn’t know if it’d be good or not, and to be honest it’s not the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried, but I just love the shade so much. I do find it quite drying so I don’t wear it for long periods of time, but the packaging is amazing and I have definitely tried worse liquid lipsticks. It’s darker than the previously mentioned shades, and has a bit more red in there, and I really love it. I just wish the formula was a bit nicer.

Now for some dark reds! I think dark red is my favourite shade to wear at this time of year, it’s so elegant and ridiculously seasonal. I was gifted Avon’s Perfect Red by my friend JESS when I met her last month and it’s the perfect shade for me, I think I even prefer it to Rimmel’s 107 (which is also included in this post). I find that 107 is a bit more of a purple-red whereas Perfect Red is as it says – the perfect red. I’m not sure if the swatches accurately portray the difference in the shades, and admittedly I couldn’t tell until I shined my iPhone flashlight on the swatches, but I deduced that they were different enough to include both of them so you’ll just have to trust me.

Orange may seem like more of a summer shade, but I favour it massively in Autumn on my lips and via my clothes. One of the most comfortable liquid lips I’ve ever worn is the Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipsticks, and my choice of shade is orange shot. It’s just a bright orange and it dries down so nicely – a really nice combo for me is a khaki top and an orange lip. Hear me out, it matches so well. Plus, it’s adding a bit more Autumnal-ness to quite a bright, vibrant shade.

Last, but not least, a nude. To be honest, if I wear a lip product it’s normally nude, but I want to try and change that because now it’s okay to wear darker shades. This was also a Glossybox product, the Rodial Suede Lips lip pencil in Big Apple. It’s such a lovely shade that I think will suit most people, and I love the fact that it’s a chunky pencil because it makes it easier to line my lips (because I don’t normally). It’s easy to just pop in my handbag and because it’s nude, if it fades it’s not obvious. It does feel like suede on my lips and doesn’t make them feel dry, which is a nice change from all the matte lipsticks we have all over the place.

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