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So for those of you who don’t know, I turned 20 just 2 days ago and I thought to take up a day of Blogtober, I’d share what I got with you all! I’m so thankful to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I felt so loved and grateful for my life all day and I’m not bragging in any way at all – I like to use these posts as a way to experiment with my photography with a range of products and obviously, I’m gonna want to share them.

I’ll start off with what I got from my parents, and I actually asked for these two – my Anna Saccone bracelet (that actually came the day after my birthday) and a macro converter lens for my camera that is coincidentally perfect to take photos of said bracelet. I love this bracelet so much, it’s rose gold and not too big and I can already tell that I’ll rarely take it off. I love wearing sentimental jewellery; all of the pieces I wear have some sort of significance behind them and this one is no exception. The lens is something I was convinced to buy by Maria, the literal queen of the blogging world right now, because of her stunning jewellery shots. It’s so inexpensive and that made me feel okay about asking for it as a gift – I’m not sure exactly how much use I’ll get out of it at the moment but it’ll certainly come in handy for snapping some details.

Although this isn’t technically a birthday gift, I’m going to tell everybody it was. Our dog, Kimmi, sadly passed away in January of this year and my mum has always said she didn’t want another one so I just kinda dealt with it. But the day before my birthday, my parents called me upstairs and said they were going to look at a puppy that day! I couldn’t go, but I got them to send me probably too many photos and as of November 11th, little Millie is ours! She was the tiniest of the litter but the fiestiest, so we thought she’d fit in well here. I’m so in love with her already, and I absolutely am making her an Instagram account and my own Instagram will also be flooded with photos of her. Not even sorry.

From them I also got a little Mrs Potts and Chip purse set that I think I’ll store something else in – maybe hair bobbles? I’m not sure. I love these little guys and Beauty & the Beast has always been a favourite film of mine so they nailed it. My mum picked out this little lip thing from Sephora for me, its designed to keep your lipstick on all day with no bleeds or anything, so I’m really excited to test this out and review it if it goes well! They got me two tickets to a photography tour of Edinburgh with a really well established photographer, I’m not sure who I’ll take with me yet but I have a while to decide and book my slot! Finally, something I asked for when we were in Tesco on my actual birthday, John Green’s new book! I’m really excited to get stuck into this, if it’s anything like his other books it’s gonna be phenomenal.

From extended family I got a lot of money and vouchers that I actually haven’t spent yet, so well done me! I’m going to try and save the money towards a Macbook or an iPad (famous last words) and I suck at spending vouchers but it gives me an excuse to go bargain hunting in the sale sections. My friend Erin brought me rought some little cupcakes with dogs on them to honour our new puppy and also some bubbles, which is always a good idea.

Max completely spoiled me this year, all of his presents are so perfect for me and I could not love him more. Some of the presents were in a Beauty & the Beast tote bag, which I get to keep! Inside was a set of Beauty & the Beast body products – this was actually on my ASOS wishlist but he bought me it before he even saw it on there. Spooky. He also got me a set of Rose Body Shop goodies, and I am loving the amount of handcream I’m getting because I’m trying to take better care of my ugly man hands. He also bought me red roses, which was just bloody adorable because he knows how much I love being bought flowers.

He did something a bit different this year and branched out and bought me CLOTHES. Well, one item, but he’s never bought me clothes before so I was excited. It’s mustard, my favourite colour at the minute, and it has lace on the sleeves which are 3/4 length, which I prefer. I tried it on and it’s a perfect fit and so flattering on me, I love it a LOT. He also bought me some more fishnets because my last set broke and I desperately needed some more.

On the blogger side of things – he bought me a cactus desk organiser which is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m torn between taking this to work and keeping it at home. He got me a little storage hexagon (maybe) off my ASOS wishlist which is a slate box with a rose gold lid. He even said, “this will look so good in your blog photos.” As will the rose gold straws he got me. I’m a weirdo and can only really drink water through straws, and I feel like the rose gold just makes it feel so much more glamorous.

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Finally, he got me a little fox page-keeper because I hate bookmarks and it drives him crazy when I fold down the pages. Oh, and it’s copper. LOVE. To go with this, he got me Grimm Tales by Phillip Pullman. A bit of backstory on this – last year he bought me the original Grimm Tales, a beautiful embossed red book, and this is some of those tales, and more, rewritten. I can’t wait to re-read the old stories and compare them to the new version. Plus, the cover and design of the new book is just so beautiful.

I think that’s everything I got this year! I’m so grateful for everything and I feel like I just don’t know where to start with putting it all away and orgnising myself to go back to non-celebrations again.

What do you want for your birthday?