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I really love that October is national book month because I used to be the biggest book worm ever, I would read non-stop so I think it’s quite well fitting because it’s also my birthday month. I’ve kinda lost my love for reading recently, it just feels like I don’t have enough time to read which is silly because I really, really want to love it again. Over the past few months I’ve been making time in the evening to sit with a book and hopefully get through some of the ones on my TBR list.


I think this is one of the ones I found via Instagram, people used to post quotes or excerpts from books and this one really struck me. So I bought it and devoured it within about, a week. It’s one of those books that I could reread over and over again and never get sick of it. Something you didn’t know about me – the flower tattoo on my arm stems (ha-ha) from my love of this book. They had a list of all the flowers and their meanings at the back so I read through them all and then got a gypsophila tattoo. It was the first book in years that I had read and truly loved and felt captivated by; it hadn’t happened to me for such a long time and it was a really nice moment. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone, it’s not what I thought it would be but it is really incredible. It can seem a bit far-fetched at times but that doesn’t even occur to you when you’re reading it because you’re so in the moment.


I’ve grouped these 2 together because they both inspire similar memories for me. I remember being about 7 or 8 and I’d gone on holiday with my family in the winter time. Picture very rainy, very cold, me sitting on a single bed by the window in a little cabin-type thing, reading aloud to myself. I’m not sure why I read them aloud, maybe I found it soothing or easier that way, but I read both these books aloud to myself and I remember being in awe at the writing and the stories. I still own the very same copies that I read back then, and they fill me with so much nostalgia that I almost find it hard to go back and read them again. They both mean a heck of a lot to me.


This book ripped my heart right out. It’s been dubbed as the next The Fault in our Stars, and we all know how heartbreaking it is. It’s not similar in terms of the plot really, but it draws you in and then completely breaks you. I think I had to take a few days off to just regroup after finishing this, but I read it ridiculously quickly. It’s one of those books that you completely fell in love with and adored but you can’t go back and read it again because it’s too sad.

I’m really trying to get back into being a little bookworm, but despite what this post may tell you, the genre that I go for is completely different to anything mentioned. I’m a thriller girl – murder and crime entices me. I do love a good YA novel though and I’m trying to set aside a lot more time for reading now. My TBR list is far too long for me to not!

What are your favourite books?

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