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I’ve achieved a lot more than I thought in my 20 years of being alive; when I first thought about writing this post, I kinda struggled to think of what I had actually achieved and what I’d done, but the more in depth I thought about it, the more I realised that I have actually done a lot. I’ve ticked some big goals off my list (although not all my goals…) and overall I am quite proud of how I’ve done.

Turning 20 is somewhat daunting but also, I still feel like a baby. 20 sounds so old to me but then I realise that actually, it’s not; I still have so many more years to achieve things and I’m still ridiculously young. I think it’s just the fact that I’ve dropped the -teen now, that’s scary. I feel like I’m gonna be classified as an actual adult now and I don’t think I’m a fan of that because I basically have no idea how to do life. I’m going to start up a pension, I’m going to have to pay taxes, and I have already started complaining about the work commute and drinking coffee like it’s air, so maybe it wont be that big a change. I am forever thankful that my dad is a financial adviser and can help me with the big scary tax man. Everyone keeps telling me how amazing your 20’s are so I am pretty excited, hopefully some big things will happen within the next 10 years but lets not even plan for or think about that because 30 is a whole other ball game (and very far away).

So what have I done in my 20 years alive? Most of my biggest achievements are in the last few years, and is there even any point in mentioning things like ‘I learnt how to talk’? I think that’s a fairly obvious achievement. So, I got an A in my Higher English and Higher French exams, which meant I was able to leave school. I’m still so proud that I did well enough to leave school a year early, it was absolutely the right decision and I have never regretted that decision, not once. I got myself a job, and although I really didn’t like it, it was me who impressed enough in the interview to be offered said job and I began earning my own money, which was really nice.

After that came the driving test – I passed both my theory and my practical exam first time and I think that’s quite an achievement for someone who started off as the most nervous and un-confident driver ever. I love having complete freedom to go wherever I want, and hopefully in the next few years I’ll be able to buy myself a car. I do have a car, but it was bought for me by my parents and I’d like to have one that is fully my own. I’m proud of myself to getting into university twice with unconditionals, and even though I decided not to go, I’m still proud. I’m proud of myself for admitting that I didn’t actually want to go to university and I wanted to do something else instead, although at the time I wasn’t sure what.

I think one of my biggest accomplishments so far is my job. If you know me, you’ll know I really struggled with the past few months being unhappy in my job and it felt like my job hunt just wasn’t going anywhere. But then, success! I was offered an amazing job in Edinburgh and I am now completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. I can’t wait to get my qualification and be amazing at my job because it’s something I’m really passionate about, and it took me so long to get here that I really want to make the most of this experience and do the very best I can.

I obviously can’t do a post like this without mentioning my baby – Loulabellerose. I’ve been producing and promoting content for this little space for well over a year now and I am showing no signs of stopping, I’m completing Blogtober and planning for Blogmas is well and truly underway as well. I’m so proud of this blog and how well it’s doing, how well I’m doing, and all the friends I’ve made through it. Most of them have genuinely become my best friends and I love that. I’ve discovered a love for photography, mostly photos of other people, but I am getting better at compositions and layouts for flatlays and such. I want to keep building my blog and making and meeting friends; writing and publishing my posts is sometimes the most fun I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to keep improving and growing.

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I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish over the next few years, mostly with my blog and my career but I do have some other goals that I want to start working on soon. I get so excited thinking about the future, but also shit scared because what is going on.

What are you most proud of?



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