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So a few months ago I did a post covering what blog-related work I do during the course of one week, and quite a big thing has changed since then. I am now juggling my time between blogging and a full-time job in digital marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love my job and am so thankful everyday to be working in an area that I’m passionate about, but the change has been hard. I’m pretty tired and after coming home and doing some blog work, it’s about time to go to bed. I’m stretched pretty thin but I feel a strange sense of accomplishment too, because I’m (so far) succeeding at blogging and working. Go me! So here we have an updated Week in the Life diary.


I get to work at about 8.30 in the morning – I get the train at 7.30ish and walk 20 mins to get to my office. I bring all my blogging notebooks to work with me to work on when I have a spare minute or two, because every minute counts. I wrote out a to-do list whilst at work today, consisting of mostly Blogtober work that I need to get finished within the next few weeks. I also check my stats every so often just to see how my day is looking in terms of numbers. I get home around 5.45, and I get straight into my pyjamas and put Spotify on. Today, I wrote out a few more Blogtober posts and also finished a couple. I stopped working on my blog at 9pm and did a face mask (which kinda counts as blogging cos I’m reviewing it) and went for a shower, then read my book for a little bit. I’m trying to find the perfect work-blog-relax balance, and I’d say as far as Monday’s go, today went pretty good.


I got up super early this morning because I had a bit of a walk between my two work areas, so I actually left the house at 7. Exhausted isn’t the word. I did a bit of my bullet journal on my break at work and got home at half 5 today. I let myself relax for a good few hours today, I wasn’t feeling great so didn’t want to force myself to do any work if I wasn’t feeling up to it. I popped a face mask on and took photos for the post that was to go live today, then edited and uploaded it. I didn’t do any Blogtober planning today which I feel a little guilty about but I just really didn’t feel up to it, and that’s okay.


I was going to go to Primark really early today to look for some props but decided I just really couldn’t be bothered. I bought some Halloween props online to be delivered tomorrow so I can make a start on photographing for Blogtober, which is the part I’m really stressing out about. I just keep putting it off, mainly because I don’t have any Halloween props yet but also because I have so much to photograph that it’s really stressing me. I ordered loads more props that will arrive tomorrow so I can start photographing, but other than that I had a bit of a day off. I’ll pay for it later.


I’m expecting a prop delivery today so when I go home from work I’m going to jump straight into photographing some things and then I can finally get some posts scheduled. I wrote out the ‘Online Friends In Real Life’ post and just added some already-taken photos in, which relieved some stress. I planned for the next week of posts in my notebook and began typing them up, and hopefully I can get them scheduled and done before next week so I can purely focus on Blogtober and get as many posts as I can done. I booked a week off mid-October for my birthday and to catch up on posts, so I’m feeling good about it all so far. I published my post at half 7 and sorted through all my new seasonal props, which I’m VERY excited to get using.


Do not have the Friday Feeling today because I actually have to work for a few hours tomorrow. Do not like that I’m feeling the Sunday dread on a Friday. I did a little bit of photograhy when I got home from work at 5 (I left early because Friday) and I’m gradually starting to feel a little better about how organised I actually am. I wasn’t feeling great today, I had planned to do a lot more photography and writing than I actually did but I needed a few hours to myself to cheer up and not feel so rubbish. I also needed a good nights sleep because I had to be up early for work, which I ended up not getting.


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I was only working from 10 until 2 today, which was fine and it actually went really quick, but I had a rubbish nights sleep and was up at 7 to get ready and travel in so I ended up napping when I got home. I was so lazy today, I got back into bed and binge-watched Netflix for too many hours and then fell asleep. I woke up properly at 6 and then got up and photographed a few things for Instagram and for another post, then I spotted a massive spider and had to stop because my photo set-up is on the floor and that’s not safe anymore.


Today is THE blog day – I have no plans other than non-stop blogging. I don’t have a post ready for today yet but I have plenty of time so I’ll get there. I managed to get 7 posts scheduled – 5 for Blogtober and 2 for the next week. I photographed and finished writing a lot, I managed to get about 9 posts scheduled and ready to go, including the 2 for next week so I can just focus on Blogtober. I’m feeling good though, I’m slowly but surely managing to get these posts done and dusted so next month wont be as big a panic as I pre-empted it would be.

How do you juggle blogging and full time work?



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