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A very, very big trend throughout the high street this summer was embroidery. We’ve all seen it, we’ve all lusted over it, and I’m refusing to leave my flowery items behind as we go into the colder months. I will damn well find a way to style this pieces for Autumn and not just because I bought some of the stuff in the end-of-summer sales and want to get my moneys worth.

I bought this amazing skirt from New Look a while back, maybe even last year, but I didn’t wear it at all through summer because it just didn’t look right with bare legs. Now that it’s tights season, I wear it all the time. My favourite combo at the minute is with a yellow jumper, to keep me warm and keep it Autumnal. I basically just swap out this jumper for any colourful jumper and I have about a weeks worth of outfits, providing I don’t spill anything on the skirt.

I already know I’ll find it easy to integrate my beautiful embroidered boots from Primark into my Autumn wardrobe. I always get so many compliments on these and providing it’s not raining and I don’t have to walk far, they’re perfect. Primark have so many nice embroidered boots in at the moment, and some of the heels aren’t quite as high as these ones so they’re a bit easier to walk in for longer periods of time. I usually style these with jeans and a plain top or a plain dress; the shoes are very much the focal point of my outfits. I feel like you could clash prints with these and they’d look really good though, so I may have to go outwith my comfort zone and experiment a little more.

One of my favourite embroidered pieces I own is this embroidered shirt from Pull & Bear. I’m not gonna lie, I find this a little difficult to style because of the fact that it’s cropped and I bloat a lot which is not a good mixture. I usually opt for jeans, to keep it more on the casual side. I still find it hard to style shirts without making them look like I’m fresh out of high school but I’m working on it.

A more recentt bargain purchase was this adorable red dress from the New Look sale, they may still have some and it’s such a bargain so absolutely go have a look. I always get a million compliments on this dress and I love to make it a bit less girl-ish by adding a belt and some black boots, it goes really nicely with my leather jacket as well. Plus, it’s long sleeved so it’s really good for that transitional weather where you’re not really sure what’s going on.

I also have some embroidered jeans from Tesco, that are actually too small for me and almost cut me in half when I wear them but I still love them. They’re so easy to dress up and down, they look amazing with a plain tshirt and with jumpers, then you just have to add heels if you want to dress them up a little bit more. I’m so sad that they’re not really the right size, but that’s what I get for impulse purchasing them in the sale.

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If I really wanted to, I could wear multiple embroidered pieces at the same time. I pretty much have a whole outfit here but I don’t want it to look like embroidery threw up on me.

What are your favourite embroidered pieces?



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