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I’m very excited to be writing this because it means that I have finally found some holy grail products that cover my awful skin. I’ve always struggled with base products, it seemed like nothing would work well for my skin and it made me just want to give up on makeup, but of course my confidence wouldn’t allow me to go fully foundation-free. I’m still testing out some other foundations and concealers and playing about with how I apply them to find out what works best for me, but there’s a select few foundations that I do use on rotation every day and I dont think I can pick a favourite out of them.

The first up is a combo you probably will have seen me talk about on my Twitter because I’m just completely obsessed – the Seventeen Stay Time products. I honestly just go around recommending these to everyone, I don’t feel the need to shop around for a good high-end foundation/concealer set anymore because I’ve found these. I purchased the concealer first, after hearing such good things about it, and my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer was binned shortly after. I tend to get into a routine of sticking to products that I know I like, but recently it had stopped lasting on my skin and I needed a change. This is probably weird, but I really like the smell of the concealer. It covers my spots perfectly and lasts all day without wiping off with oiliness. Because the concealer was so amazing, I thought, why not try the foundation? I did buy it in a shade too dark so it’s slightly mismatched but I still wear it almost every day, which I probably shouldn’t. It is a very thick foundation but once its on your skin, you basically can’t feel it. It covers my spots and redness so perfectly that I actually don’t even need to use concealer apart from under my eyes. So technically, this foundation is saving me money because I don’t need to buy the concealer as often.

The next dream team was actually sent to me by Rimmel and Influenster, but I wouldn’t be including it on my blog if I didn’t genuinely like the products. I used to swear by Rimmel foundations, and when I cleared out all my foundations earlier this week I realised I actually owned all of them. Not that I used them anymore, but they were there on my little foundation shelf. My favourite of them was the Lasting Finish foundation, and coincidentally I was sent the new Breathable version of that foundation so I was bound to love it from the start. It’s a little weird, it has a sponge on a stick to apply it and if you can look past all the germs that could accumulate on it, it’s actually pretty fun to use. It doesn’t feel thick on my skin and it’s a nice mix between a matte finish and a dewy finish on me, which is exactly what I want. It’s not as full coverage as the Stay Time foundation so I do use a concealer on my spots, which is the matching concealer. The concealer is very thick and therefore tends to ruin my brushes when I use it (not really, they just need washed more often) but that also means that it provides amazing coverage. I love it for under my eyes and it really does last. I do find it lasting all day on my skin without going ridiculously oily – obviously there is oil there because I do have oily skin, but it looks more like a healthy, albeit a little too sweaty, glow.

Finally, we have a foundation all by itself. I have no concealer match for this one so I switch between the previously mentioned ones, but that’s fine by me. I’ve not really tried anything from Nip+FAB, a few skincare bits maybe, so I wasn’t terribly excited when they released their new makeup range, but after a while of just admiring from afar, the temptation took over and I caved and bought the foundation. I love Nip+FAB packaging because it looks so sophisticated and I love that it’s a squeezy bottle to get the foundation out, although that might cause a bit of problems as it gets emptier. This one is a little too pink for me, but I shade matched as best as I could. The coverage isn’t anything amazing on this, probably medium, but it’s the finish that I love. As with the Rimmel one, it’s neither too dewy nor too matte, which makes it perfect for me, and that effect seems to last all day. I rarely find myself looking in the mirror and thinking my makeup looks horrible, and the coverage sticks with me all day. I need to try out some more Nip+FAB products because if the foundation is anything to go by, I think I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

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