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I rarely do eyeshadow, and when I do I stick to the same colours, but I feel like Autumn is an acceptable time to start breaking out all the colours besides brown and beige. There’s a select few palettes that I reach for at this time of year and that I’ll always go back to for specific looks.

I think this is everyone’s favourite Autumn palette – the Morphe 35O. I actually have the matte version because I wear matte eyeshadows way more than I wear sparkly or shimmery eyeshadows. I used to own all 3 versions of the 35O but then I realised that was ridiculous and sold the other two, because I literally never used them. I’m obsessed with how big the pans are, this palette will last you AGES. My only issue is there’s no mirror in the top, but that’s the same with so many other palettes so it’s not a big deal. I prefer the oranges over the browns but I do use this palette to do a matte brown smokey eye. I just find oranges so Autumnal, there’s no better colour, so I love experimenting with some different orange based looks. Plus, Morphe palettes are so cheap considering how many you get and the quality of them.

Another extremely popular palette is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, I’d think everyone will be keeping this out for Autumn. I got this last Christmas and I still keep it in it’s cardboard sleeve, it’s still my new baby. This palette just screams Autumn to me, all the oranges and the reds and the browns. I will always reach for this palette when I’m doing my makeup, I find it so easy to blend and so easy to create different looks with. This one is best for the pinks and reds, they’re ridiculously beautiful both in the palette and on the skin, so although it is a bit more on the pricey side, it’s absolutely worth it. Mine was a present but if I had bought it for myself, I would’ve gotten my money’s worth already.

I actually forgot that I had this palette until a few weeks ago, it was shoved to the back of my makeup drawer and I was digging around looking for something different to do my makeup with. I bought the Maybelline Nudes palette a while ago and I really love using it for the gold shades. Gold eyes are possibly my favourites to do in Autumn because they’re so easy to pair with your standard Autumnal lips. I find these really good quality considering it’s a drugstore palette and very inexpensive, but I can’t say I use many of the other shades. They do have a khaki but I find it quite hard to wear, possibly because I’m ridiculously shit at makeup.

Last but not leasy we have the Zoeva Rodeo Belle palette. I’m not gonna lie, I only bought this for the pinky/red shade at the top, but each time I pull it out I fall more in love with the other shades. You might think that blues and greens aren’t very Autumnal and you’d be right, but that red is beautiful enough for me to include the whole palette in this post. The turquoise shade at the bottom is stunning and I’m determined to try and use it in some sort of eye look – this is a good palette for experimenting, for me anyway, because it has a lot of shades I wouldn’t usually wear. And I feel like in Summer, makeup just melts off your face anyway so you may as well test things out when it’s cold out and your makeup sticks.

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