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I did this makeup look for Blogmas last year and it is generally a classic Autumnal look, I thought it might be quite fun to do it again this year and compare it to last years to see if there’s been any improvement at all. I think the only improvement is in my photography style to be honest, it’s much, much better this year. I’m not doing a step by step tutorial this year, I’ve just gathered some photos of the finished look and I’ll run through what products I’m wearing.

I wore this makeup all day and I completely love it, I think gold really suits my eye colour and I find it easier to wear a bold lip when the eyes have been slightly toned down. The foundation I’m wearing was actually sent to me by Rimmel – it’s their new Lasting Finish Breathable foundation and concealer, which is the perfect duo for me. I’m not sure if the photo accurately portrays it, but the coverage with this combination is insane. It’s complete full coverage and lasts all day on me, it doesn’t go ridiculously oily like so many other foundations I’ve tried and is now one of my few go-to everyday foundations.

I contoured with this palette which I was also sent from Rimmel, but I promise I am including these products because I do genuinely love them and not just because I was sent them. I don’t normally go for drugstore contour kits but I’m actually pretty impressed with this one, I find that the contour shade blends better than any other one I’ve tried and it still looks natural. The blush isn’t really pink and doesn’t make me look like I’m permanently blushing, and the highlighter actually highlights. I’m usually very skeptical of drugstore highlighters because they never give me the glow that I actually want, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Now – eyes! I still use the same palette that I did in the previous post, this Maybelline palette who’s name I always forget. Something nudes. I take the first gold shade as shown by the blush and sweep that all over the lid, then I use the gold shade diagonal to that to darken the crease. I like to use Primavera from the ABH Modern Renaissance to make it that bit more goldy and then I just continue to add more dark gold and light gold until I’m happy with it. This time round, I took Cyprus Umber on a little eyeliner brush and just lined my top lash line to darken it a little. Pop on some RollerLash, and we’re done!

As for the lips, this time round I went for my new Avon lipstick which I was gifted by my best pal Jess. It’s called Perfect Red, although it does look ridiculously purple in the photos but that’s down to the lighting and my editing. It is a very dark, berry red and I added some of Mac’s Diva into it as well to give it a bit more of a berry tone. I love berry lipsticks, and this one is going right to the top of my favourites for this season. It’s such good quality and doesn’t feel yucky and dry on my lips after a whole day of wearing it.

So there we have it – my gold eyes and berry lips look, 2017 edition. Maybe next year I’ll completely smash it and add some GLITTER. Pigs will fly.

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