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So I’m turning 20 this month! That sounds so scary to me because I will no longer have the -teen to protect me from adulthood, I’m now completely exposed and really not looking forward to it. It’s actually taken me a while to think up what I wanted for my birthday this year, I have a really bad habit of just buying myself the things that I want so when my birthday and Christmas roll around, I’m pretty much clueless as to what to actually ask for. I can’t even think of anything I want to buy myself so this is basically a massive disaster.

MOANA (because who wants to buy themselves a DVD nowadays) //  ANNA SACCONE ZODIAC BRACELET (rose gold)

There’s also quite a lot of things on my Amazon Wish List, I’ve just been building it up over the past month with things I was going to buy myself but maybe I’ll send it on to some family members…
So there’s a few things on my birthday wishlist this year! I hope this gives my family/boyfriend a rough (or specific) idea of what to get me, I know I’m a nightmare to shop for so technically I’m doing this post for them.
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