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I pretty much wear my Autumn wardrobe all year round if I’m being totally honest, Scotland is always cold so there’s always room for a jumper or seven hundred in my current wardrobe. September is when I start to integrate a lot more Autumnal colours in, and when I start to buy a LOT more jumpers. Honestly, I think this year I’ve bought about 10 already and it’s barely October. As you can see, my spending ban is going extremely well so far.

I love Autumn, but I bloody hate layering. Can’t do it, can’t make it look nice, so I subject myself to being really cold every time I go out, which makes no sense because I hate being cold. I tend to buy really thick jackets so I don’t need to layer, like my fur jacket (it’s faux, obviously). I’m trying to invest in more jackets that I’ll get a lot of wear out of but I really begrudge spending money on anything unless it’s like £2. I also love really chunky jumpers but I feel like they’re more for in the house because of the whole layering issue, again. I need a ‘How To Layer’ post. Most of the jumpers you’ll see me in for the next little while will be from New Look – they have a range of different coloured jumpers for £9.99 and I’ve gone a little crazy. The above red one is from there and so is the grey one further down, the yellow is from H&M a while ago but I also bought another yellow one from New Look. I need HELP.

The big thing about Autumn is the colours – red, khaki, burgundy. I also feel like yellow is a very Autumn colour so I keep buying lots of things in yellow too. I love tartan scarves for Autumn-time, but I somehow lost my favourite River Island scarf last year and I don’t remember losing it or when I even last had it so that needs repurchased. I tend to wear dresses and skirts more in Autumn because it seems more okay to wear tights, and tights and ankle boots are a dreamy combo that I am absolutely on board with but for some reason, I’m not wearing that combo in any of these photos. Good planning from me… I bought my perfect Autumn boots from ASOS last month, and I pretty much wear them every single day. They’re exactly what I pictured and now all I need is all the clothes to match the image I had of my outfits in my head.

I seem to be straying further and further from the traditional dark Autumn colours – I don’t feel drawn to burgundy or khaki that much at all right now, I want all the bright colours like orange and red and yellow. Basically I’m dressing like the leaves and I’m totally diggin’ it. I bought a bright red/orange jumper from New Look that I’m obsessed with and that I always pair with red lipstick because that’s just a magical match, and of course, the white turtleneck is gonna come back out as well as the cream knit jumpers and hopefully some massive chunky cardigans that I need to purchase. I’ve just been rotating my collection of jumpers recently, and my first port of call when I’m online shopping is always Knitwear. I think I’m going to expand my collection of jumper dresses this year as well, basically anything that I think will go with the boots I bought, I’m buying it. Anything thick that will keep me warm basically is a yes from me, a naturally very cold person.

I really just love Autumn style and wearing lots of jumpers, I can’t remember the last time I wore a tshirt and I’m not even joking. I’m loving wearing patterned trousers and patterned skirts and being a bit more out there with my colour schemes, it’s my favourite season and I love that I don’t have to shave my legs anymore because tights are acceptable.

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