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My skin becomes a bit of a mess around Autumn time – I typically have very oily skin but for a few weeks when the weather gets colder, my skin gets a lot drier. I don’t usually have to change up too much of my existing routine to accommodate this so I think this post will probably be more of a skincare routine post, just not in as much depth and not covering all bases.

So I have officially been converted into a toner user. I used to just not bother because people say that toner is pointless and doesn’t do anything, but then I purchased a witch hazel and rose water toner and now I will never go back. This toner has honestly completely changed my skin – it feels so much smoother and redness from old spots fades much quicker. The first time I used this, it actually felt like it was burning my skin but that feeling has completely gone away. I will say that it doesn’t help my existing spots to go away, but I’ll take the reduced redness and be on my way thank you very much. I’ve also been testing out a new Aloe Toner which I will be reviewing in full, alongside some other products from the range, this month so keep an eye out!

I’m gonna try to take much better care of my skin this Autumn which means I will be doing so many more facemasks. I have a lot just sitting waiting to be used and Autumn seems to be the season for cute pamper nights, so I may as well better my skin and treat myself to a weekly pamper. Amongst my favourites are the 7th Heaven masks, which I also included in a post about my pamper night essentials which you can find HERE, just in case you wonder what I actually do on those evenings.

Skincare isn’t all about the skin on your face, which I think is something I forget a lot. I’m the worst at taking care of the skin on my body which I think really needs to be rectified this year. I want to try and get into a body moisturising routine, which is much easier said than done. I have my coconut oil and my cocoa butter just waiting to be used, as well as lots of other body moisturisers. I desperately needed to change how I shave because I was getting really painful, raw legs each time I shaved, so I’ve been using FFS subscription box with their new metal razor. They send you new heads for the razor every month which is perfect because who remembers to ever change the head on their razor? Certainly not me. They are amazing for the price, you can find my full FFS Shaving review HERE.

I’m taking exfoliation to a whole new level this year with a micro-dermabrasion kit. I was having a bit of a nightmare with my skin a few months ago so was sent this scary looking contraption to try out and I am living for it. I see such a difference in my skin when I use it compared to when I dont – it was a little daunting to try out at first but it doesn’t hurt and it’s completely fine. I fully reviewed it in a post which you can find HERE but I would definitely recomment this to everyone who struggles with their skin like I do. 

After exfoliating I like to use a range of oils on my skin and I tend to go a bit crazy with them. I do have oily skin but using oils is pretty essential in my routine because I find that nothing else really works, no serums or anything. Rosehip oil is my absolute holy grail, I could not live without that stuff so I use that almost every night. On nights I don’t use that, I use the Palmer’s skin oil with Retinol in it. I wrote a post on some Palmer’s skincare bits, just in case anyone fancies learning more about it. I also have my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I use underneath the other oils every single night, I’m obsessed with the smell of this and it sets me up perfectly to go to sleep. I’ve also been using two new bits from The Ordinary recently, both of which are peeling things that make my skin feel ridiculously smooth. A full review will be coming soon!

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I like to use a slightly thicker moisturiser in the colder months, and the Botanics moisurisers are perfect for this. The amount you get will last you ages because you only need the tiniest bit for it to feel really moisturised which I love. The scent of these is so dreamy and I love that I have one for daytime and one for nighttime, so I’m literally sorted 24/7! I reviewed all the Botanics products that I have HERE.

How do you switch up your skincare for Autumn?


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