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It’s kind of been a bit of a false start this year because I chose to publish my September Reflection yesterday as opposed to actually publishing something related to Autumn and what’s gonna happen but OH WELL. Let’s just pretend that this is the 1st of October and I am introducing you all to my new content and style for the Fall season.

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me tweeting over the past few months about Blogtober. I really wanted to do Blogtober this year, I didn’t do it last year and didn’t do well at Blogmas at all so I wanted to push myself and see if it was possible for me to daily blog for a whole month. So that’s what I’m doing! I’ve got some themed content coming your way over the course of the next month; there’s some Autumn, some Halloween, and some other random bits added in because thinking of 31 themed ideas is bloody hard. As I’m writing this, it’s actually the 24th of August so I think I’m gonna be okay in terms of organisation.

As well as the frequent content, I’ve also changed up my header and fiddled around with some things to make my blog super Halloweeny and spooky and Autumnal and I LOVE IT. The gorgeous Katie revamped my existing header and made it all themed and lovely and I just love how it fits in so well with what I’m going for this month. It just adds to my need to succeed this month, I want loads of people to see my revamped blog so by publishing content everyday, that should do it. Of course I’m not doing this for the pageviews, just to clarify, I want to feel accomplished and proud of myself for daily blogging.

I’ve purchased a few new props and bits and pieces to help make my photography a bit more Autumnal and I’m gonna play around with editing and see what I can do to make my photography even more Autumnal. I obviously didn’t want to spend a lot on these props because I will only be using them for a month or two at most, so mostly all of my pieces were under £5! I bought them from stores like Wilko and Homesense, they’re the perfect places to look for seasonal photography props. I suppose if I do Blogtober next year, I’ll be all set.

I’m so excited to really get started with Blogtober and share all the exciting content I’ve been planning for literally months. I also love how more people seem to be doing Blogtober this year so I’m gonna be a busy girl what with supporting my fellow bloggers and simultaneously making sure my blog and content are ready to go and looking the best they can be. It’s so exciting though and I hope you’ve all had as much fun planning as me; I can’t wait to see all your content and I hope you love mine too!

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