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So a few months ago I did a few posts detailing how I photograph and how I find my ideas for posts, so I think the only aspect of my routine missing is how I go about planning and writing these posts so they’re at a stage where I can publish them. It is quite extensive, I will admit that myself, but it works for me and that’s all that matters.

I have a LOT of blogging notebooks and whilst I do tell myself that they all serve a different purpose, they don’t and I really only need one. My first step is writing down the actual idea in this purple notebook. I’m not gonna lie, I hate this notebook because it’s full of so much shit. There’s stuff for workouts, stuff for work, and then blogging stuff on top of that. It’s in no sort of order, just chucked in there, and I hate it but I’m too far gone to stop using it. So this is where the initial ideas go, sometimes I’ll write down the dates that I want to publish said ideas for but that never ends up being the case because ideas change all the time and I rarely stick to a schedule.

Next I will briefly write out what I want to include in the post in this little notebook. I’m not sure why I do this step, I thin it’s just to make it clear in my head what I want to say and which direction I want to take the post in. It’s especially useful for skincare so I can take notes on how I’m getting on with products and what I think of them. It’s pretty much a useless step because my next notebook serves the exact same purpose, but I do it anyway. I used to write out my posts fully into a massive pink notebook but that didn’t last, I did enjoy it but it took way too long and was slowing my schedule down – for Blogtober especially, that wouldn’t have worked at all.

I use the Ultimate Blog Planner from DotCreates in grey to fully plan out my post in more detail, and this is the notebook that I have open next to me when I’m actually typing out the post. I don’t fit everything in the designated space that I want to fit in, but I find it really useful as opposed to just typing from memory which, coincidentally, is what I’m doing for this post. Here I am, telling you about my extensive blog post planning method, and I’ve done approximately none of it for this post. You can’t make this stuff up. I love this planner, I find it so handy because you can also track brand collaborations and there’s cute little motivation quotes placed throughout it. I think they’re releasing a new blog planner soon that I’m probably definitely gonna buy so watch out for that.

As well as these to plan the actual writing of my posts, I have a little marble notebook to plan my blogging to-do lists. I’ve found this especially useful in the run up to Blogtober because I have so much to do that my brain can’t cope – it’s much better to write it out in a little to-do list and I feel a tiny bit less stressed. Not much but it’s something. I’ve just started yet another notebook as well to keep track of what I actually need to take photos of; at the minute it’s just planning outfits for outfit photos but I’m also going to use it to keep track of what products I need to photograph so that I don’t have to turn my laptop on and check each post individually to see what I need to take photos of.

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So I think that’s everything! It may seem a bit extensive and I know it is, but I’m a planner at heart and I love all my different organisational notebooks. Unfortunately for my shoulder and back, I insist on taking most of these notebooks to work with me, so you can imagine how heavy my bag actually is. Why do I do this to myself?

How do you plan for your posts?


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