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Whether you’ve had a long, stressful day, you’re a little bit sad, or you’re very happy, a pamper night is the answer to everything. I love nothing more than indulging in a face mask and a long-ass shower and just sitting there until I turn into the more prune-y version of myself. I’m a bit of a weirdo because I don’t like baths and I actually don’t currently have access to a bath in my home so the aspect of a pamper night that most people love isn’t gonna be included. This is tailored specifically to me, and hopefully some more of you bath haters out there!


First up – we gotta have background noise. I have a few songs on Spotify that I love to listen to and mime along to whilst I’m sitting in my room, and my list on Netflix is full of new (and old) things to watch. I’m currently re-watching Once Upon A Time and I cannot stop listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat, it’s a sickness. I refuse to listen to anything else, it’s the best thing to sing along to.


You cannot have a pamper night without a facemask. It genuinely cannot be done. It doesn’t even need to be a fancy, expensive one – most of my favourites are pretty cheap. I love any Body Shop facemask and I’m a fan of 7th Heaven facemasks too, they take me right back to high school when we’d go to Asda with our pocket money and buy a mud mask to do that evening. The deep pore cleansing range is a firm favourite for me right now, I especially love the peel off one because there’s just something so satisfying about feeling like you’re peeling a layer of skin off. But don’t get it caught on your nose ring. Like I did. Ouch. I’ve also been loving the charcoal peel off masks, which are going to be released this Autumn. They have been tried and tested by none other than myself and I can verify that they do not hurt when you peel them off, but maybe don’t do peel-offs if you have very sensitive skin. I’m very excited about 7th Heavens new launch this season, and they’re incredible for the price.


You gotta make your room smell nice since that’s where you’ll be chillin’, face mask on, feet up, relaxing. I actually only have Christmas candles left but I really don’t mind because Christmas scents are on a whole other level. I’m a huge candle fan and I’m desperate to go on a massive candle shopping spree as soon as the weather gets colder again – in summer, it gets too warm to have candles lit for ages in the evening. The candle holder pictured was a total Dobbies bargain for like £2 and I’ve just popped a little tealight in it. I think I actually want to use it as a plant pot, but there’s no holes in the bottom so maybe now. It’s meant for votives, but does anyone else really struggle to burn votives? As in, I really just don’t want to ruin the shape of them. Just me? Okay.


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Whilst I do my skincare routine every single night, it just feels more luxurious after doing a facemask. I slap on my array of oils, my favourite being the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate because it smells like lavender and that is just the most relaxing scent ever. The Botanics rosewater facial spray is also a favourite because how luxurious does rosewater sound?! If I really want to go all out, I’ll change my sheets just so I can shave my legs and have that amazing feeling when you slide into bed all smooth. My go-to body moisturiser at the minute is Palmer’s cocoa butter, I cannot be without this stuff. I’ve also been loving Zoella’s new range, especially the Body Pudding. I smell amazing, I feel amazing. Bed.

I’ve just written this after having a mini pamper night and I’m so ready to just collapse into bed and have the best sleep ever – but of course, I’ve done no blogging during the day so it’s time to catch up. Sleep is for the weak and well-organised.

What are your pamper night essentials?


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