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I’ve been so excited for this post for weeks now and now that I’ve sat down to write it, I got NOTHIN’. Introductions are my downfall.

Myself and my cool new pal Rosie decided a few weeks ago to do a box swap – which is basically sending each other boxes of presents and I firmly believe everyone should get on this hype because it’s like Christmas came early. Neither of us stuck to our pretty much non-existent budget and I feel like I’ve been so spoiled by this amazing little gift fairy; I’ve only met her twice but she absolutely nailed everything and got me some pieces that I know I’m going to treasure forever. SOPPY. This box was pretty much a bloggers dream box, and you’ll see exactly why in a minute.

The first thing I pulled out – SWEETS. Rosie admitted to me that she got me some super cute princess sweets but she actually ate them; I think she made up for it with the Skittles, Haribo and massive bag of chocolate buttons. And here we have the first of many elephants, a mug. I actually have this mug in grey and I just so happened to send her a photo of my desk with my elephant mug on it and she was like “….WHAT IS THAT MUG??!!” I’m beyond happy though because now I have an ele at home AND at work. She also got me some camomile tea to have in my adorable new mug which I hope will make me sleep better and calm me down because I am one stressy human being.
Now we all know how much of a skincare obsessive I am, so when I opened these I literally screamed. I’ve tried a few bits from The Ordinary and Rosie was buying herself these, and she bought me them too like the little angel she is. This will also make for really good blog content, why does she know me so well??? Genuinely can’t wait to get these on my face then on my blog.
We did a really cute friend thing and got each other some matching bracelets, in rose gold because we are bloggers and what other metal would we wear? I got her bracelet with a little R on it and when we meet up next we are absolutely going to take a cute photo with both of them together. I’d also been wanting some little A5 notebooks and Rosie only just went and smashed it by getting me 2 marble ones. Literally perfect for on-the-go blogging and perfect for these photos.
This is possibly the most blogger-esque thing I’ve ever seen and I cannot believe she literally got me the most perfect blog prop EVER. Take a shot every time I use this in the background of one of my blog photos, you’ll be permanently drunk. Basically I need to tidy my entire room now to find the perfect spot for this adorable little L, because it won’t fit anywhere right now due to the amount of shit in my room.
I think my favourite thing that she got me was this. An accidental envelope with my address on it. She messaged me after posting it to say that she accidentally taped the address card in to the package and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life so I had to take a photo to document it. At least her writing is super cute.
Last, but absolutely not least by any means, is this elephant. Pretty strange looking right? It’s only bloody HANDMADE. Rosie MADE THIS with her HANDS. I’m in complete awe and admiration of her for completely nailing this and MAKING something that I’m obsessed with. We all know how much I love elephants, and she said the leopard print was inspired by that expensive H&M leopard print coat that I really wanted. I almost cried because she did research and applied it to SOMETHING SHE MADE. Still shook.
I have been well and truly spoiled by this amazing girl – I’ll leave all of her links below and if you don’t follow her we can’t be friends. Everyone needs a little Rosie in their lives.
You can read about what I got for Rosie HERE.
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