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I used to not really care about my hair at all – I would just wash it with any old shampoo and conditioner, put a heat protectant spray in and that would be it. It took my hair basically dying and becoming straw on my head for me to take a step back and think about what I could get to help get it back to it’s formerly healthy state.

Firstly, I’ve stopped bleaching my hair. I used to get it bleached pretty much every month and whilst I did use Olaplex to help the condition, it was still so bad. I’ve not even booked another hairdressers appointment so that the temptation isn’t there, I’m just letting it grow out and do whatever it wants basically. I dunno what I wanna do with my hair next, but bleaching is not an option. I’ve also been trying to use a lot less heat, so I’ll let my hair air dry and braid it overnight for work and only do something nice with it on the weekends. I love having curly/wavy hair but I value sleep over looking good for work so braids are the perfect solution.

I’d never tried Aussie products until a few months ago, everyone (including my boyfriend) raved about them but I never saw the need to spend like £5 on shampoo and conditioner because that is expensive. But when my hair started snapping and looking like it was dead, I decided to just suck it up and try out the 3 minute miracle reconstructor stuff. I didn’t think that it actually did anything at first, because I still had ridiculously dry hair, but I continued to use it every single time I washed my hair and now, that disgustingly dry hair is just a memory. It’s still not fully restored because obviously, it has still been bleached and it’s still blonde so there’s always going to be a little bit of unhealthiness in there, but that comes with my choice to keep my hair light.

Another Aussie product is the hair oil, which I’ve had my eye on for a little while but only splurged on last month. I’m obsessed with this, the results from it are instant and amazing and I wouldn’t expect anything less from such an amazing brand. I use this on dry hair after styling, I pump a little bit into my hands and then run it through the ends of my hair and I find it helps the condition of it massively as well as helping to loosen out any curls that I do. It’s very quickly becoming my holy grail haircare product and I just keep investing in new Aussie pieces, I think they’re my favourite haircare brand.

Another mask-like product I’ve been loving is the one that came in last months Glossybox – the Valquer ice mask. It really does make your head feel really cold, but it’s refreshing in a way. My hair felt ridiculously silky after using it, and the cooling feeling stayed for a good while after washing it (which I’m not sure is a good thing but I didn’t mind it). My split ends feel much less damaging and I feel like my hair also looks a lot healthier. If I use this alongside the Aussie 3 minute miracle mask, it makes my hair feel so good that I have to make a conscious effort to not stroke it.

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Finally, a product that I have reviewed before but couldn’t leave out, is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum. I was gifted this a few months ago and I’m still using it every single time I wash my hair. I let it air dry a little and then pop the serum in, and just like everything else, it makes my hair so smooth and it reduces frizz which is perfect. It’s all well and good having hair that feels nice, but I’m also desperate for hair that looks healthier as well. The serum works really well for that, because I feel like frizz is a massive indicator that your hair sucks, basically.

What are your favourite haircare products?


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