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Everyone please take a seat whilst I talk you through a completely revolutionary product that has, quite frankly, changed my life.

I’d been struggling with shaving a LOT a few weeks ago – my razor was shit and just didn’t work anymore but who can be bothered to replace their razor when they’re meant to? Absolutely not me. And I swear, to be a PR you have to have this sixth sense that lets you recognise when bloggers are in need of a new product and then you swoop in with said product. It keeps happening to me and I’m acctually getting quite spooked. Anyway, Friction Free Shaving approached me and asked if I wanted to try out their subscription box – instant intrigue.

FFS (lol) are a subsciption box that offer you a fancy pants rose gold razor, or her standard little sister Frankie, which is just a plastic razor. For £9 a month, FFS will send you the rose gold razor (£5 a month for Frankie) and then a months worth of new blades every single month. There’s also the option to add on a manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil shave cream for £6 a month, which I chose to add on. So you change the razor blades every single week, which felt extremely strange at first because who the hell actually changes their blades and actually has an enjoyable shaving experience.

So I received my box and pretty much hopped into the shower straight away to shave my legs. Let’s pretend I hadn’t shaved my legs to test this product and not because I’m lazy and have given up trying to look hairless. I could tell straight away that this was good shit, there was literally no tug on my legs and they didn’t sting when I rinsed them which was absolutely magical given the hell I’d been experiencing beforehand. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a quick fix but honestly, from the first use there was no more pain. It literally glides across my legs. Even without the shave cream, it still glides. I would definitely recommend the cream though, all the products in it make it sound so luxurious and that’s exactly how it feels on my skin as well. I feel like I had really large pores on my arms and legs, if that’s even a thing, but they’re becoming less and less obvious with this razor. My skin looks airbrushed after shaving it and it honestly encourages me to moisturise my body more.

I was sent this box for free, very luckily, but I’m actually going to continue to pay for it monthly because that is genuinely how much I love it and how much this product has benefitted me. I don’t think I’ve ever repurchased a product I’d been gifted (bar maybe one or two other cases) but it’s a no brainer in this case. If you can spare the cash each month, it’s absolutely a worthy investment and you do get your money’s worth via having the smoothest, nicest looking legs known to man.

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I also have a discount code for you all! If you enter UO4YCE into the checkout, you’ll get a nice wee 25% off your first box. If you have any questions about it before you want to buy it, or you just want to ask, then go ahead! I’ll probably be raving about this to every single person I come across now.

Have you ever tried FFS? You can subscribe HERE.



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