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10 months ago I traveled down to London for a weekend to attend a Christmas event with some other blogging friends – at this event I received a little goodie bag which contained a copy of the most recent edition of Blogosphere Magazine, which was Victoria’s (inthefrow) cover. I read it on the plane home and subscribed to receive the next few issues. I can’t believe it took me that long to read a Blogosphere magazine, I’d seen them on Twitter and taken part in more than a few chats but it never actually occurred to me to actually read one. Boy, am I glad I did.

I think when I was just starting out blogging, having a tool like Blogosphere magazine to turn to would’ve been absolutely perfect. I really urge anyone who hasn’t already to pick one up, either online or in WHSmith, and I promise you, you’ll be hooked. It’s ridiculously informative, I remember one of my favourite articles was about the best apps that pay you for content. I tried to sign up to one but got rejected because my Instagram feed wasn’t nice enough. What do you mean you don’t like my grainy selfie with some fake lions at the museum? Ridiculous. But the article itself was good.

I’ve also been introduced to a large variety of new bloggers – they have a section on each blogging niche and they share a few of their favourite posts from their favourite bloggers. They also include which camera these bloggers use which is really good if you love their photo style and have always wondered, and stats which I like to look at because I’m nosy AF. I love this section because it inspires and motivates me to be better and produce better content in the hopes that maybe one day I’ll be in Blogosphere Magazine. It seems mad to me that a year ago, I didn’t really know it existed, and now I want to work towards being featured. I think I took and posted 4 different photos of the last issue in the hope it would be featured in the next issue because that would just be so exciting.

Technically I have been in it, I was in the events leaflet from the Zoella issue which made my little sister really excited because I was featured in the same magazine as Zoella (kinda). Blogosphere do events all year round so it’s worth giving them a follow on their Twitter to keep up to date with everything that’s going on. My only issue is I wish they did events outside of London, because I loved the event I went to but realistically I can’t afford to travel down to London 4 times a year to go to them. I know that money is an issue when planning events, as is getting brands to attend as well as bloggers, but I really do think that Edinburgh needs something. Anything.

One of my favourite ever articles in the magazine was the first one I ever read – Victoria’s interview. She speaks about how she used to post every single day and basically work herself too hard to make sure she was producing regular, good content. It might not sound like it but this section completely inspired me to work even harder at what I’m producing and really better myself; any time I need a little pick me up I just go back and read her interview and I feel really motivated again.

I really have to hand it to the Blogosphere team, they work so hard to make this the best publication for bloggers and they succeed even more with every single magazine. It gives bloggers a place to go to for tips, ideas, recommendations and inspiration, and it’s very hard to find all those things in one place usually. If you’re a new blogger, or an old blogger, you should definitely sign up for the subscription or even just buy one magazine. With such an amazing publication out there designed specifically for us, it would be ridiculous for us not to support them.

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What’s your favourite Blogosphere issue?

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  • I love Blogosphere magazine. I’ve been subscribed for about a year now and get excited whenever the latest issue lands through my letterbox!

    As an aside, your photography in this post is so pretty. Fingers crossed you get featured one day soon! xx


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