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Is it just me, or has August felt like the longest month ever? I genuinely feel like it’s been August for about a year now and that’s possibly because I haven’t been paid yet so the past few days have been hell-ish due to my being poor but still wanting to go do things. Note to self: be better with your money. Note to past employers: don’t underpay people.

There’s a few things that I’ve been really excited about and loving this month, mostly skincare because my skin has decided to become a little bitch this month and there’s not a day that goes past when I don’t have at least one massive painful spot. Ah, joys. The first thing is a toner, which I never thought I would ever use because they don’t work right?? Wrong, they absolutely do and this one has changed my life. It has rosewater and witch hazel in it which burned my skin a little on the first application and used to dry out my skin a little, but the more I use it the less it burns and the the dry patches have completely disappeared. It has helped more than any other product to help remove the marks left over by spots and it leaves me with such smooth skin than I actually look forward to putting this on my face. It doesn’t really help to get rid of current spots but that’s not a massive issue for me. Plus, it was actually relatively cheap and the bottle will last you a little while.

The next skincare thing is kind of a last-minute addition and there will be a full post on it coming within the next month but I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t leave it out. I suppose this’ll be kind of like a first impressions review because I’ve only used it a few times but so far I am loving it. I was complaining about my skin on Twitter a while back (because what else is Twitter for?) and someone slid into my DMs offering to send me the DermaTX Microdermabrasion brush. I’d had one microdermabrasion session at a salon before so I was like HELL YEAH. It took me a few days to take this out the box and actually start using it, but now that I have I’m like, why didn’t I start using this earlier?! It basically hefty exfoliates your face, and there’s also a cleanser head for the brush. I’ve used it a handful of times and I’m already seeing amazing results so watch out for the full review post, which will include before and after photos!

As I’m posting this, it’s 3 days until I’m a bridesmaid and I am so excited to wear my pretty dress and look pretty. As a gift for being a bridesmaid, I was given this gorgeous Pandora bracelet that only leaves my wrist when I’m showering. I don’t even take it off when I’m sleeping because I love it so much. It’s silver too so it matches my little old elephant bracelet too. I remember last year I really wanted some sentimental jewellery that I could wear all the time and now I have about 3 pieces that I wear permanently. Two of them are elephants. I wonder what my favourite animal is.

The last thing is a fashion thing! Look at me go, pretending I know how to fashion blog. I did a bad thing and went shopping using my New Look store card but it was absolutely worth it because I started my Autumn wardrobe and I’m obsessed with it all. Mostly these yellow stripy culottes, because I liked the look of them but didn’t think they’d actually look nice on me, but they do! Even my mum liked them, which I really wasn’t expecting because she never likes the clothes I pick. I have already dressed these up and down and I really just don’t want to wear anything else ever.

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I’m gonna try and talk about a musician I recently discovered and fell in love with but I am absolutely not a music blogger so god knows how this is gonna go. I was at the Fringe a few nights ago and we were just wandering when we came across a musician busking, Oisin & Malachy, and normally you stay for like one song and then leave but I was so captivated by his music that I stayed until the end of his set, which I never do. I didn’t have enough cash on me to buy his album which I’m kicking myself over because I need his music on hand to listen to constantly. I have found this site which lets you buy his album En Route and also his first CD which is Pup, and I have bought both of them. My favourite song from both is called Radiator and it’s so funky and catchy and it may not be your style, but the rest of his music is very indie-like which is also my style. Oh, and he’s Australian so listening to him speak normally was also a treat.

What have you been loving through August?



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