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My room is not that Insta-worthy, all white, picturesque kind of room you see plastered all over Pinterest – quite the opposite. Everything is mismatching and cluttered but I feel like it just adds to the cosiness. Without the novelty bedsheets, mountain of pillows and makeshift wardrobe bookshelf, it just wouldn’t feel like my room.

I keep various quotes and pieces of wall art around my room; I love to support small businesses and buy most of my prints from Etsy or other Twitter shops. I frame them and either keep them dotted around my room or up on my walls. I’m the type of person that is highly influenced by my surroundings and having some empowering and motivational pieces around me definitely makes a difference.

I also have a few blackboards that I rarely write on and if I do, whatever is on it stays on it for months and months. The one next to my bed is more of an organiser – I used to write my shifts on there or what I had to do for my blog that week. Up until yesterday, it still had my shifts from May on there. I should really start using it more. The second blackboard is more of a plain one and it had a Christmas tree on there for an abnormally long time. For the past few months it has had ‘DRINK MORE WATER’ plastered on there, which absolutely did not work.

I like to have a lot of little meaningful pieces places around; the little dog teddy that stays permanently in my bed looks like my dog who passed away at the beginning of this year and the chocolate roses in the vase with my fake flowers were given to me by my boyfriend on Valentines Day and have probably gone off now but I refuse to throw them away or eat them. I have a LOT of elephant trinkets, all of which were gifts from the people closest to me. There’s one from my boyfriend, a ring holder from his mum and a 3D picture from my mum. I also keep a dreamcatcher up there, partly because it looks pretty and partly because there will always be a piece of me that thinks it will actually work.

I have a little photo frame on my bedside table with an old photo of me and my dog and a photo of me and my boyfriend in it – I love having lots of photos around to remember all of my favourite memories. I recently used some photo printing services to print of some more of my recent memories; I used Printiki for the majority of them. The website lets you put all the photos you want into one folder, which it saves for you to return to and print off later. I’ve pinned my favourites up on a wire board from Primark in a very Pinterest-style way, which my boyfriend mocked me for, and I’m looking to get a photo album for the rest. Printiki is so easy to use and the photos are all perfect quality, so I would highly recomment it and will likely use it  again in the future because I just keep making memories. They share lots of inspiration for what to do with their photos over on their Instagram!

So although I can’t take perfect bedsheet flatlays because they’re not white and I can’t blog from my desk because there’s too much on it, I love my bedroom. It’s where I spend most of my time and I love the cosiness of it.

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