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Welcome to my new little ‘spread the luuurve’ project that I’m going to be doing monthly – there seems to have been a bit of controversy in what people post recently so I’m going to round up a whole big list of my favourite bloggers/posts each month for you to go and snoop on; fashion, beauty AND lifestyle posts because I read everything and enjoy everything.

Thinking of the first person to talk about was easy – Lauren Evie. (Didn’t mean to rhyme that). Her blog content is so beautifully written and she covers topics that I’ve not really seen spoken about anywhere else. A personal favourite of mine is her Prescription Literature post. I have this bookmarked on my phone for inspiration for what to read next; I think that’s one of her most popular posts so I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but if you haven’t you absolutely need to get your arse over there and read it. Another post I have saved from Lauren is about Feminist Sites and the best ones to go to for information. I do identify as a feminist but I do not proclaim to know everything there is to know about the issue, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting that. So it’s helpful to have a little list of informative sites that I can go to in order to learn more! I eventually just bookmarked her entire blog because she keeps bringing out incredible posts and I keep bookmarking all of them.

NEXT UP is actually one of my close personal friends but even if she wasn’t she’d be included in this. Bettie wrote a post on conspiracy theories that I am completely obsessed with and keep going back to read like every second day hoping there will be more there – I have been told she is doing a second installment so I’m checking up on her blog like everyday waiting for it. I’m a massive conspiracy theory fan and I’m also very influenced by other people so everything she writes I’m like IT’S TRUE. If you love conspiracy theories, or even if you don’t, you will absolutely love this post.

Another one of my bestest blogging friends that I have to include is Rosie, she is one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting and this comes across so well in her Failing at Adulthood post. I don’t consider myself an adult but I was basically cackling at every single point in this post because somehow it still rang true to me. I love when bloggers tackle real life and it’s so inspiring to know that other people completely suck at life and it’s not just you.

A post that was retweeted onto my timeline recently was a First Trimester Update by IssyBelleFox. This is hands down one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read in my life. I’m not pregnant and never have been but I could still appreciate all the points she made, it’s amazingly honest and if all her posts are as witty and hilarious as this one, it’ll be a fun ride for those of us who aren’t experiencing the Weeto experience (go read the post).

The final one for this post is by Ashleigh Hitter – who told me to include her but I looked at her blog and actually loved one of her posts anyway so here she is! Her Spending Ban post is giving me serious motivation to save money – I always struggle with spending too much money every month but could never really find a post with realistic tips, UNTIL NOW. Her tips aren’t completely unrealistic to put in place and they’re actually what I needed to hear because I didn’t even consider some of them.

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So there we go, there’s some of my favourite bloggers and favourite posts from August! I’m going to be writing one of these posts a month so if you want to tag me in any posts you think I’ll like or any of your new posts, that would be great! I look forward to reading everyone’s posts and rounding up my favourites to spread some positivity each month.

What are some of your favourite posts this month?