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This might be quite a tricky topic to tackle – I don’t want to cause offense or insinuate anything or make people think I’m talking about them, but it’s something that’s been bugging me in many different ways and I need some sort of rant-based outlet. That’s what my blog is for, after all.


I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim to jealousy within the blogging community, it’s a natural emotion that comes with life and being a human being that knows how to feel emotions. I get jealous fairly easily, over a lot of things, but I rarely let it affect me or let it introduce some other negative emotions to my day. I think it comes with being in an industry that’s full to the brim of other amazing content creators and opportunities and you just can’t help but compare yourself to what they’re doing and how well they seem to be doing.

For me, personally, I compare my photos, my content and my work with brands. Why are my photos not as good as theirs, when we have the same camera? How do they manage to think up all this original content? How do they get to work with so many amazing brands? It can really bring me down sometimes, it makes me not want to produce content because I feel like whatever mediocre idea I have, it wont live up to what other people are creating. Which is really stupid, because I create for myself because it’s something I enjoy. I just find it so hard to think up ideas that I feel are good enough to begin creating, and because I’m me, I leave everything until the last minute and have to rush some ideas so that I have a post prepared for the next day. I’ve created a posting schedule now and I’m always ridiculously determined to stick to this schedule, no matter how difficult it is. I WILL publish new content on these specific days.


Jealousy can actually be a good thing, if you treat it right, which I try to do. Their content seems more interesting than mine, so I’m going to spend longer thinking up new ideas and trying to produce really amazing content. Their photos look nicer than mine, so I’m going to experiment with some new props, lighting and angles until I’m happy with them. They work with some really cool brands, so I’m going to pitch myself to some brands. I usually just wait for opportunities to fall into my inbox, but if I just grab the bull by the horns and reach out to others, who knows what’ll happen. I used to be so embarrassed at the thought of contacting a brand but now, who cares? The only person that knows I’ve emailed them is me and them, so if they don’t reply, why does it matter?

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Turn jealousy into motivation and use it to better yourself, don’t let it turn you into someone bitter who can’t congratulate others or support them with their successes.

How do you feel about jealousy in blogging?

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  • I relate to this so hard. I had a bloglife crisis at 3 in the morning one night because I saw someone else’s flawless site design. I was so stressed out about changing my design before I went into work the next day that I essentially pulled an all nighter.

    Turns out changing my design helped immensely. I wish it didn’t happen so late at night, but blog jealousy turned me into a productive monster that got shit done.

    • Omg I still struggle with it all the time but it makes me a much better blogger and so much more motivated to try new photography styles and create more content!

  • I really do understand this on so many levels! It’s so easy to compare and wish that you could just BE other people and do things the’yre doing. BUT the downside of that is that they’re not you, and you are UNIQUE – your photos are beautiful, and I know many people (including myself) look at them and think WOW I wish mine were like hers.

    Keep up the great work and always strive to improve, but you are GREAT. Don’t forget that.

    Eve – Never Settle, Dating, Relationships and Lifestyle


    • I definitely need to take this advice on board, being unique is what makes you stand out and there’s no point conforming to be like everyone else!


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