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I’ve always found photo props to be a bit of a tricky area, I don’t really know how to make them look natural or pretty in photos so I used to just abandon them altogether. Recently, I’ve started investing a little more in my props and trying to get a bit more creative and I’m really enjoying my progress. Compared to my slightly dull photos from a few months ago, my new ones are a bit more interesting and sometimes I find them so pretty that I just sit and admire them. It’s good to be proud of yourself!

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights if you’re a blogger, they’re probably the most stereotypical prop to use but they’re also classic and look amazing. And if you add copper into the mix, you pretty much have a bloggers wet dream. I have a few light-related props I like to add in now and then; the first is just a string of copper wire fairy lights from Lights4Fun that I usually mix in with the previously mentioned floral garland. I also have a little copper lamp with fairy lights in the bulb from Primark and a jar with fairy lights in it from New Look, I find these look best far in the background of photos so the lights are all blurred. I’m sure there’s a more technical term for that.

My current favourite prop to use is this £8 floral garland from Sass & Belle. I’d been admiring it on ASOS for a long time and finally took the plunge and bought it a few weeks ago. If you read my blog or see my Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been using it in pretty much all my photos. I originally had a little white bouquet of fake flowers from Amazon that I used, which occasionally still sometimes creep into the corner of my photos. I love the slight pink hue of the garland and how delicate and lovely it looks in photos; I haven’t quite mastered flatlays as a whole yet but I’m sure once I do, the garland will get even more use out of it.

It’s good to add levels to your photos sometimes so I have a few little stands that I actually rarely use but keep anyway. The first is a marble square that would look better in flatlays but, as previously mentioned, I suck at flatlays so I tend to go for a diagonal angle, if that even makes sense.

I have also kept two old Glossybox boxes in different shades of pink to use as stands, I like to always have something pink in my photos so they came in handy. I also like using other products as a bottom layer, providing it’s related to what I’m writing about.

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A few little odd bits and extras that I like to use include a jewellery tray from ASOS, a white blanket from B&Q and a pink fluffy cushion from Matalan. The jewellery tray looks better as a focus piece as opposed to just off to the side, which makes it a bit trickier to factor in. The cushion is always in my photos, either peeking in the side or fully in the background, which is pretty much the same with the white blanket. I either use it under the full layout or just in the back of photos – I do have to whiten it with FaceTune because it’s a bit dingy now but lets not focus on that.

What photo props do you like to use?