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I swear, Zoe Sugg could bring out a range of wooden spoons and I, amongst many others, would be running down to get my hands on it. She is massively influencial and I trust her opinion like no-one elses. Her previous beauty and lifestyle ranges have been massive successes and I have a feeling that this one will be no different.

The Jelly and Gelato range is available from both Feel Unique and Superdrug and are extremely reasonably priced, with most items falling between the £5 to £8 mark apart from the clutch bag which is £14. The products are much the same as her previous ranges, bath and shower products with a body spray. The scent of the collection is elderflower and double cream and the packaging has also had a revamp with pastels and very summer inspired designs, making it all a dream to photograph.

The products I chose to try out were the Shower Shake, Creamy Scrub, Body Pudding and Gelat’eau body mist. When I first smelled the products, I will admit that I didn’t really like it and found it a bit too strong, but as soon as I actually tried the products I discovered that it’s actually one of the most relaxing scents I’ve ever used. I use the body mist the least out of everything I got because I prefer the scent of the Sweet Inspirations mist, but the Gelat’eau mist smells very summery so I reach for it more when the weather’s nice.

I honestly thought they had packaged the scrub and the lotion wrong because the scrub is (as it says) very creamy and the lotion has little beads in it, which I associate more with a scrub. I think the scrub is my favourite of the 4 products; it’s not harsh on your skin at all but it still exfoliates. I also have the scrub from her original beauty range, the very first one, and you can feel the exfoliating beads in that one, so although it used to be my holy grail scrub, it has since been replaced by the much gentler version.

I find that the Shower Shake isn’t as moisturising as some other shower lotions I’ve used. It’s not as big an issue if I use the scrub afterwards as that seems to add some more moisture and smoothness, but if I were to use it by itself I’d feel like I had to use another one afterwards. However, the scent of both these products together leaves me so relaxed after my shower that I’m ready to just roll into bed. You’d think it would be a daytime, ‘up and ready to go’ scent but I find it’s actually the opposite.

I was a bit iffy with the Body Pudding at first and didn’t find it that moisturising, but I think that’s because I’m used to cocoa butter and other thick moisturisers, so I had to take a few days to get used to a lighter one. Now I really like it, it doesn’t leave me sticky and doesn’t take hours to sink into my skin. The little beads melt into your skin and I actually really love how it makes my skin feel. Plus, it has that same relaxing scent so it sets me up perfectly for bed.

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Zoe is continuing to impress with her new beauty ranges and I think I sense a new lifestyle range happening in the future, if her recent tweets are anything to go by. I will probably continue to buy and support her products forever, and she remains one of my favourite influencers.

Have you tried any of the Jelly and Gelato range?