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I was so excited to write this months post, for a reason almost everyone will probably know already, but now that I’ve sat down to write it, I realise nothing else has happened. And it’s very hard to structure a whole post around one event without waffling on like I tend to do, and like I am doing now.

So for those of you that don’t already know, I had an interview at the beginning of July and I was offered the job! For the next year, I’m going to be completing a digital marketing apprenticeship over in Edinburgh and I’m so excited I could probably cry. Things are finally looking up for me, I’m going to be getting started in a career that I love and want to progress in, and the best part – I get my own desk! I’ve been telling everyone how I excited I am over the desk, they probably think I’m nuts. I also get to wear what I want so you bet your ass I’m going to be shopping for a whole new work wardrobe. I just can’t wait to really feel like I want to try my hardest and succeed and learn as much as possible over the next year. The longer commute and change to my working hours will be tiring and difficult for the first few weeks but I’ll feel like such a grown up commuting to and from Edinburgh everyday. This is when my real life starts.

On a slightly less exciting note – I completed my first plan for Blogmas! You may think it’s too early for planning Christmas posts, but considering I barely made it halfway before giving up last year, I’m so determined to complete it this year. I have allocated a post to each day and will begin to plan the posts a bit more in depth over the next month, and then I’ll eventually write and photograph them. Hopefully the majority of posts will be done before December, if things go to plan.

In connection to the new job, I had my last day at my former job, which was in retail, a few weeks ago. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I disliked that job and how desperate I was to get out. I’ll miss some of the people I worked alongside, but I wont miss the tediously repetitive days or the extremely rude/creepy customers. I couldn’t be more thankful that that chapter of my life is over now.

I have also started a new gym programme this month – Kayla Itsines’ BBG. It’s quite difficult but so rewarding and I’m really starting to notice a difference in my body and my stamina. I’m on week 4 and I love it so much that sometimes I want to do it more often than allowed. If anyone has the Sweat With Kayla app, I’d love to know your thoughts; I’m currently debating getting the monthly subscription.

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August is the first month of my new job and when things will start to really change. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to balance full time work, exercise and my blog but that’s just something I’ll have to figure out as I go along! I’ve been reading plenty of posts on balancing full time work and blogging so once I get ahead of my schedule, I’ll be good to go. Wish me luck!

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