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I’ve actually been loving so many new things this month and I’ve been excited and planning for this post for a good few weeks now. Sometimes writing favourites posts can feel a bit tedious, especially when you’ve not really tried anything new, but then you get those rare months when you actually feel like you can write a post without hesitating.

I’ve been experimenting a little more with flatlays this month to try and improve, so I have actually been removing my 45mm from my camera and started to use the 14-42mm kit lens. I pretty much abandoned this lens when I got the 45mm and just lived with having to stand several miles away from my set-up to get a good shot, untl I remembered about it. Now it’s all I use for flatlays and it’s definitely so much easier. Whilst it may not give that nice blurry background like the 45mm does, it’s the perfect flatlay lens.

There’s quite a few fashion pieces I’ve been loving and wearing religiously this month, the first is culottes. I really wanted some but didn’t think I had the right body type for them, until I came across these black ones in Bershka and I’ve rarely worn anything since. At first I found them a little difficult to style but now I just pair them with either a tshirt and converse or a crop top and heels if I want to dress them up! Speaking of tshirts, I’ve invested in a lot of feminist tshirts this month and they’re pretty much all I want to wear, if you see me in anything else, it’ll be a miracle.

Even though it’s getting into summer time, I bought a new jacket. Although, to be fair, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s warm, this is the UK after all. I wrote a post on the jacket which you can find HERE but basically, it’s from Primark and it’s the jacket I’ve been dreaming of for months. I wear it all the time and I specifically plan my outfits around wearing this jacket – and it’s only £25 which is shockingly cheap compared to the other pink suede biker jackets out there.

Now for some beauty – I also wrote a post on the Palmers Cocoa Butter range but I had to include at least one bit of it all in here. The actual cocoa butter body moisturiser has made the biggest change to my nighttime routine, because now I actually want to moisturise my  body. I’m the laziest human ever so this is massive for me, but it smells so good and makes my skin feel so nice that I actually feel excited when I go to put it on. That’s how sad my life is.

I’ve also been loving my organisation this month; I bought a new blogging notebook for £3 from Asda and it’s gorgeous, Insta-worthy and perfect for my blogging needs. I’ve started to hand write most of my blog posts before eventually going to type them up and this notebook is the perfect size for that. I miss hand-writing things and it feels like, for me, inspiration flows so much better when I’m putting pen to paper. I’m still in need of a miniature notebook for my on-the-go blogging needs, but this one is perfect for at home.

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The final thing I’ve been loving this month is Kesha’s insane return to the music industry. She is completely killing it and I cannot wait for her album to come out. If you haven’t already, go and listen to ‘Praying’ for some tears and then perk yourself back up again with ‘Woman’, a song that will make you feel so empowered and make you want to go to war. I’ve been swapping between these two songs on repeat since they came out and it’ll just get worse when the album is released!

 What have you been loving throughout July?