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Blogging is not about the numbers, as we are reminded by random tweeters every day, but does that mean we shouldn’t share or celebrate our social media milestones? I get the impression sometimes that sharing your follower-related successes is frowned upon, and sometimes I feel almost guilty sharing my happiness because I don’t want people to think I’m all about the numbers.

My blog is still a massive hobby and passion of mine, at the moment I don’t intend to turn it into a career but plans change and people change as life goes on. So although the numbers aren’t fundamental to my future in blogging as of yet, I still celebrate them. I do set myself numerical related goals almost every single day; I think more for my own sense of achievement than anything else. It motivates me seeing my numbers grow and by setting daily goals, it helps me to maintain my determination. I think we all know how demotivating it can be to feel like you’re putting your all into this your website and you’re not getting any of the rewards associated with it.

I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with celebrating your numbers. In terms of brand collaborations, followers and pageviews are something they look at, perhaps a little too closely, so they are important. Even if blogging is just a hobby for you, as it is for me, you will still have goals and aspirations that may or may not include working alongside brands and is therefore related to having a larger following, so it’s good to think ahead and take these things into account. I don’t aim towards that every single day, when I write a post it’s not because I think a particular brand will contact me and offer to send me things, it is just a really nice perk sometimes.

I often tweet my pageviews or my follower count when I reach milestones; I use it as a way to track how quickly I’m growing. I’m never showing off or gloating about it, I’m just sharing my happiness with people who understand. I don’t think telling my boyfriend that I reached 8000 Twitter followers would have the same effect as telling fellow bloggers would. When I see it on my timeline, I never read it in a way that people are gloating about it either. Everyone I follow and everyone I see on my TL is so genuine and I love seeing some of my favourite bloggers reach the milestones they’ve been working towards for months. It’s almost as rewarding for me as it is for you.

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