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Palmers has been a brand that’s been floating around for ages, they are iconic for their cocoa butter and after reading a few reviews on some different blogs,  I couldn’t help but go and buy some other bits. I want to smell like cocoa butter all over.

I’d been on the hunt for the Perfecting Facial Oil for months before finally just giving up and ordering it online. I first read about it on MariaJ and although I dont really know what retinol is, Maria said the oil had it and you can’t find it in anything on the cheaper ide of skincare. Me and my yucky skin had to try it, and I’m so thankful that we did. In order to fully try it out, I stopped using my beloved rosehip oil and Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and now I don’t know if I’ll even start using them again. I mean, of course I will because Midnight Recovery is expensive and smells like lavender, but I’m loving the results from the Facial Oil so much that I don’t feel the need to double up.

Retinol reduces acne outbreaks by preventing your dead skills from clogging your pores, which can also eventually reduce acne scarring. I have definitely noticed a change in my skin from using this, my skin tone is so much more even and my existing spots, whilst they still take a while to fade, they fade a lot faster than if I were to just leave them or use another oil. Plus, it smells like cocoa butter and I get to put it on my face. Which is perfect.

I also bought the Moisturizing Day Cream thanks to Megan’s review – I didn’t want to use my Kiehls moisturiser twice a day because I was burning through it pretty quickly so I decided to give this one a go. Whilst it is thicker than most moisturisers I would usually reach for, but it just means I use less on a day-to-day basis. I was a little worried because my face looks a bit shiny after putting this on, but it doesn’t make my skin any oilier than it normally is underneath my makeup.

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The final thing is the classic cocoa butter body moisturiser. I’m really bad at moisturising my body, I hate doing it and therefore rarely do it, but there’s something about cocoa butter that makes me want to do it. I’m obsessed with the smell and it’s not a sticky moisturiser at all, so I can put some on and just jump straight into bed. It doesn’t make me feel any more moisturised than other moisturisers do, but the smell is so luxurious that I find myself reaching for it over any others. I basically smell like a massive chocolate bar.

I love trying out new skincare brands and I definitely think Palmers is one that’s going to stick around for a while – I want to try some other bits and pieces from their range and given that it’s so inexpensive, I can’t say no.

Have you ever tried Palmers skincare?



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