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Why do I feel like I’ve already done this post? I’m like 80% sure I haven’t but I have a strong sense of deja vu as I’m writing and brainstorming for it. Weird…

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and I can honestly say, it’s the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. It’s the best possible hobby I could’ve picked, I’m obsessed with writing and producing content and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I didn’t realise just how beneficial to my life that having a blog would be, it was literally just a little escape for me to share my favourite things and fall in love with writing again. But here we are, over a year later, and I have fallen in love not only with writing, but the whole blogging process.


It has its negativity, but I honestly love this community more than anything. I stay far away from the drama and I have the best blogging friends in the entire world. They’re not even just my ‘blogging’ friends now, they’re my best friends and I don’t want to be without them ever. I pretty much know almost everything about them and I go to them whenever I need help or advice. We also tag each other in Facebook memes, so it’s pretty serious. We’re in too deep to ever turn back now.


I used to be SO lazy and just had no motivation to do anything at all, whether that was getting out of bed or just moving in general. Starting my blog and producing regular content is something I am insanely proud of, and seeing everyone around me succeed completely inspires me to work my little butt off to make my page the best it can be. I know that it’s not good to always focus on the numbers, but smashing those milestones is the best feeling in the world so you continue to celebrate your numbers!


I’ve learnt so much through blogging, and I’m continuing to learn more all the time. I had no idea how to photograph anything before my blog, and now photography is one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve learnt a tiny bit of HTML that I don’t use because it doesn’t work with my theme, and I set up my own domain name, albeit not very well. I keep trying to teach myself some SEO but it never ends very well so I’ve decided to just wait until I can be properly taught it.


The biggest benefit of my blog, for me personally, has definitely been in terms of my career. It was my blog that made my realise what I wanted to do, and my blog that caught the eye of recruiters. I could probably confidently say that I was offered my new job because of my blog – whether it was the blog itself, or the skills and confidence I had in that area which I learnt because of my blog, I don’t know. But either way, my blog has been the biggest help in my figuring out what to do with my life.

How have you benfitted from blogging?

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