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I’ve been waiting until something very specific happened before I start to write and publish this post, because that is officially when the new chapter of my life starts and I can begin to write about it. I’ve had the ideas floating around in my head for months and I’m so excited to finally be able to write this! 

Something really exciting happened this month – I finally got another job! It’s been a long time coming and a very tiring journey but the relief in knowing that I’m going to have a full time job that I actually enjoy is quite overwhelming at times. I’ve been waiting for this for years now. I’m finally going to be starting the new, happier chapter of my life and I’m looking to make a few other changes to accompany this. 


I am SO ridiculously bad for this. I’m lucky if I drink half a litre of water a day; I just forget or I want something with flavour and I end up drinking no water whatsoever. I have little reminders everywhere and they just don’t seem to work! So I think I’m going to invest in one of those fruit infuser water bottles so I can start drinking lemon water because I keep reading about all the benefits. It’s good for your skin and your energy levels, it’s upping my water intake whilst tasting good and I can’t really ask for much else!


I want to completely gut my room and make sure everything has a place, I want it to look tidy so that I feel better being in there. I usually tidy once every few weeks, and in between tidies, my room just gets ridiculously messy. I pile up clothes on the chair and put random crap on my actual desk and I want to keep things tidy. I also want to get into making lists and organising my time more effeciently; since I’ll be working full time, balancing my blog and my job might prove to be quite difficult, but I’m determined to keep up my posting schedule and the hard work will definitely prove to be rewarding.


So just after talking about how my free time is gonna go way down, I’m adding something else into the mix. I used to read all the time and it was one of my favourite hobbies, but since discovering social media and blogging, it’s taken a bit of a backseat. I’d like to start off with just one book a month, to see if I can keep it up. Even just a chapter or two a night before I head off to sleep – it’ll probably help me switch off more easily than being on Twitter will and there’s lots of books on my To Read list that I’m desperate to get crossed off!


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I am bad with money. I can openly admit that, I just can’t seem to resist when I really want something. My mind goes, ‘well, you have the money, so you may as well buy it’ and then three days later I’m completely broke. In my defence, I’m only on part time wages and when my hours and my pay increase, I’ll be able to treat myself a little, pay for necessities and also have money left over. I’d like to start saving up for a Macbook, so I’ve set myself a goal and I’m going to try and save at least £500 a month from my monthly pay.

I start my new job in August and I couldn’t be more excited to get stuck in. No more uniform, no more rude customers – I can’t wait to start styling my daily outfits and actually doing something I enjoy. I’m more determined than ever to work hard in every area of my life; I want to be able to manage my blog and a full time job because if I succeed in both areas, I will be on top of the world. Hopefully this big life change will be for the best.

What do you hope to achieve in the next few months?



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