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When the warmer weather comes around, so does the frizz. They come hand in hand, alongside hay fever and the inevitable sunburn because it can’t be that warm in the UK? Before now, I used to just deal with having awful, frizzy hair because I didn’t know what to do about it. Enter John Frieda, my hair saviour. 

I start by washing my hair – I try to wash it twice a week but quite often I have to wash it more because I’m still trying to re-train it. I use a few different shampoos, most are related to keeping the colour of my hair topped up, not the condition. Fudge purple shampoo and conditioner get used quite a lot, just to make my hair a bit less orange, and sometimes I’ll use the Bleach London pink shampoo and conditioner if I fancy a bit of pink in there too. So I didn’t actually have any products to help keep my hair in good condition and looking healthy.

I was sent the Forever Smooth shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range to try out and review, alongside the extra strength serum. I use the shampoo and conditioner a few times a week and it aims to build immunity against frizz, which is what we all want right? I notice a different pretty much as soon as I get out the shower; my hair feels easier to manage and a lot less dry. I’ve never been more thankful to have a hair related collaboration fall into my inbox than I was when they emailed me. My hair has been having a massive tantrum recently and just doesn’t want to look or feel nice.

John Frieda Frizz Ease

It looks dry, it feels dry, which is not what I expected from chopping a good few inches off. But I suppose that’s what I get from bleaching my hair almost every 7 weeks. Miraculously, the serum I was sent has almost completely restored my hair to its original condition. I use this after every wash, whilst my hair is still wet, and I was able to feel a difference before my hair even dried. It felt instantly softer and smoother and it definitely looked that way when it dried. I’ve been doing French braids before bed every night and what used to be the worst hairstle for frizz, has now become the perfect hairstyle for messy waves. I found myself often crossing that all-too-thin line between nice-messy and dragged-through-a-forest-upside-down-messy and it just wasn’t a good look. 

Batiste Frizz Tamer

In June’s Glossybox, there was a full sized Batiste can and I thought, ooh excellent, more dry shampoo! But nope, no dry shampoo for me this time. It’s an anti-frizz spray that you can use on dry hair, which just perfects my frizz free haircare routine. I style my hair first and then, if I need to, I’ll spritz this on and smooth any bits down that need it. I’m trying to reduce the amount of heat I use on my hair and now I don’t feel like I need to use straighteners to tame any horrible frizzy, sticky-outy bits.

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The combination of these few products has completely changed the way I see my hair. It’s no longer a burden, it’s no longer ugly and I feel like I can be happy with it. I’m very up and down with my hair, especially in terms of length, but at least now I can create more hairstyles without the worry of summer heat frizz creeping up on me.

What do you use to combat frizz?


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