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I’ve reached a stage in my blogging career where I find myself doing something blog related every single day of the week. It’s an obsession, it cheers me up, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than producing content I can be proud to share. For the past week, I’ve been noting down everything blog related that I do to share with you in this post. It’s going to be a little run through of my days and what blog related task I do on that day; I hope it motivates some people to schedule those extra tweets or write that extra post.


The first day of the week, and my shortest shift at work, which is perfect as it means I have the remainder of the day to work on Tuesday’s post. I felt really de-motivated on Monday for some reason, I was not long back off my holiday and I struggled to write anything new. I was working on a Budapest Outfit Diary post but I decided I wasn’t enjoying writing it so I just scrapped the idea, and instead tried to work on improving some of the posts in my drafts. I also wrote out a few quick ideas in my notebook as opposed to finishing Tuesday’s post, which is always a bad  idea.


I eventually decided on publishing my Festival Season Essentials, which went up at 9am. I usually post in the evening but decided that this week I would try out different posting times to see what effect it has on my traffic. I also tried to finish writing and planning a post for Thursday. Tuesday is my longest shift at work so I tend to use the evening for relaxing and watching Netflix whilst checking my stats and comments.


This Wednesday was a very down day for me and it took me until about 10pm at night to perk up enough to focus on my blog. I finished writing Thursday’s post, as well as Sunday’s, and started to plan for Blogmas and Blogtober this year. I actually finished all the post ideas for Blogmas which cheered me up a lot – I’m determined to succeed at Blogmas this year and if things go to plan, it’ll be a Blogmas I can be proud of.


On Thursday morning I photographed for the post that would be published today – June Favourites. I wasn’t happy with the first set of photos I took, so after taking a second set I eventually published the post at 1pm. I planned a few more posts for Blogtober, which I seem to be struggling with, and wrote up this post from my notebook.


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I took it easy on Friday and all I did was go out and take some outfit photos. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to take photos for fashion posts so when I have a spare day, I try to take at least one full posts worth. Usually I’ll use those photos for Reflection posts or more personal ones, but this time I’m actually able to use it for a post about the clothes I’m wearing. 


I wrote up my fashion post and scheduled it for Thursday – I’m way ahead of schedule and have lots of posts to get done but the next week of my blog content is pretty much sorted! Saturday’s are usually pretty easy going days in terms of my blog, I never post on a Saturday because traffic is considerably lower so there’s not a lot to be done seeing as Sunday’s post is already written!


It took me a while to work up the motivation to do anything today. But I eventually crawled out of bed to take some photos and get my post up – a reflection of June. I took a few flatlays and published the post just after 12, I think. I also finished a few posts in my draft posts for next week – I am on the ball with being organised this week. I just have to photograph for this weeks posts and I’m fully done. It’s the best feeling!

What’s your favourite aspect of blogging?



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