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There’s been a lot of mixed feelings this month – in general, I feel really sad for reasons that will become apparent as you read on. When I think about June, it is a predominantly positive month and I’ve achieved a lot and done some good things, but sometimes the bad things, though they are fewer, they’re stronger than the positive. Most of you will know what I mean when I talk about feeling sad. If you don’t, I’ll try to fill you in as best as I can at the end of this post.

A big blog milestone for me this month was 50k pageviews! I’m honestly astounded at how quickly I am smashing these milestones and I could not be prouder of my little space on the internet. My new goal is to get to 100k by Christmas! I may be dreaming a bit too big right now but I’m currently considering doing Blogtober and I WILL be successfully completing Blogmas this year, after completely flopping at it last year. So maybe my ultimate goal isn’t too far away!

A really super important thing that we, as influencers, need to be talking about is NARS announcing they are going to be selling in the Chinese market, which no longer makes them a cruelty free brand. I will put my hands up right now and say that before now, I just bought makeup for the hell of it and didn’t research any brands or anything. But since this announcement, I will be exclusively buying my makeup from certified cruelty free brands and I encourage everyone else to do the same. We don’t NEED to test on animals and I’m excited to share my journey into a cruelty free life with you all – I hope I inspire some of you to join me.

 Also this month, Budapest happened! I remember booking it so sitting on that plane getting ready to fly there was surreal. The holiday itself was also amazing and Budapest is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We were pretty much non-stop for the entire time we were there and I’m still trying to catch up on lost sleep. My feet have stopped hurting but I can’t say they’re in the best condition. Sorry for the TMI! I’ve uploaded my top 5 recommendations for Budapest and I’m also currently posting a round-up of my outfits over on my Instagram!

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Now for the not so happy bit.

The blogging community took a big loss this month. We lost an amazing blogger and human being, Emma Cosgrove. I met her through a group chat on Twitter and despite everything, she was the most positive person I’ve ever known. She always put everyone else’s needs and happiness above her own and despite being in pain for most of the time, she never ever complained. Although I never met her, this loss has hit me so hard and I didn’t realise the extent that she impacted my life. She always cared for everyone, tried her hardest to be the best she could be, and I really miss her.

Thank you, Emma, for being my inspiration and my hero. Your strength deserves nothing less than complete and utter admiration and I hope you are at peace now. It feels like there’s not enough I can say, no way I can get across how much you really meant to me.

Sleep tight, Em.



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