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The warmer weather is fast approaching and now that we are officially into summer territory, it also means it’s festival season. I’m gonna put my hands up right now and admit that I have never actually been to a festival (and don’t plan to), but I’m still out here advising you guys what to take with you. I suppose you could take this as a first timers festival season essentials post, as opposed to a well-seasoned festival goer’s.

First things first – to keep yourself clean. Personal hygiene is a massive thing for me and if I’m even the slightest bit paranoid that I smell, I will be bathing in perfume and deodorant and candles. Wipes, deodorant, tissues and hand sanitizer would all be massive essentials for me. Possibly a bit excessive? Yes. Now you see why I have never been to a festival. Can’t handle the mud. Dry shampoo also comes in handy if you’re there for the whole weekend!

Along the lines of smelling good, during summer time I tend to prefer body sprays over heavier perfumes, especially when it gets warmer. The body mists by So…? Fragrances* are perfect for the festival season and are so easy to just pop in a handbag. I think I have several of the different scents just dotted about my various bags to spray whenever I feel like I need a little refresh. So…? have released 6 scents for their festival range; my favourites are Vanilla Cupcakes and Musk! You can pick them up in your nearest Boots or Superdrug and you can find their Instagram at @SoFragrance!

I think looking good at festivals is also super important, you gotta slay in those Instagrams. Body glitter will never go out of fashion, but in my makeup bag I would keep things light and simple with just some concealer and powder for touch ups. If it was just a one day thing, I’d already have done my makeup beforehand, and if it was a multi-day thing, I think I’d be sick of makeup by the second day and would probably just want to take it easy. If you take one skincare item, let it be moisturiser. Even just imagining what my face would feel like after a weekend of not moisturising is making my skin crawl.

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Is it silly to take extra socks? I feel like I would probably go all out and bring my whole sock drawer because there is literally nothing more uncomfortable than wet socks. Especially if there’s also some mud thrown into that cocktail from hell.

I dunno how I would fit all of this into a little festival bag that still looks chic, but maybe someone can try and tell me if it actually works! So although I’m not a massive festival fan, I can still appreciate the amazing atmosphere and the appreciation of good music. I hope all you festival go-ers have fun!

*This post contains PR samples but all images and opinions are my own.


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