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Never have I ever been so impressed with a Glossybox product that I actually give it it’s own standalone review post – but here we are. I used to post monthly reviews of each of the boxes but they were proving to be my least popular posts so I scrapped it, and instead just put the bits and pieces that I’d enjoyed into my monthly favourites instead. I do love Glossybox but there’s rarely a product that I use enough and enjoy using enough to do this.

I am a self-confessed highlighter addict. I currently own 8 highlighters, which is not including ones in contour kits or palettes, and I also never stop at putting one on my face. Has to always be at least two, maybe even three, no matter where I’m going. Even if I’m going to work and do the bare minimum for the rest of my face, I still put several highlighters on because it’s my favourite bit in my makeup routine and nothing looks better than shiny cheekbones.

I was quite impressed with June’s box, as I am with all the boxes actually, and included in it was a liquid highlighter by the brand Manna. I don’t use liquid highlighters so I initially thought I wouldn’t get any use out of this at all, but I like to at least test everything I get in the box so I didn’t throw it to the back of my long-forgotten-makeup drawer just yet. I got a liquid highlighter in a box a few months ago and wasn’t to impressed with it so I didn’t have very high hopes for this one, but I’m so glad I was proved wrong.

So I do all of my makeup, base and eyes, and save highlighter for last to tie my look together. I either put the liquid highlighter onto my finger and kinda smear it onto my face and rub/pat it in, or do little dots along my cheekbones and use a beauty blender to dab it in. I seem to be preferring the beauty blender method for the moment but I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing.

This highlighter has a slightly pink tint to it when you squeeze it out, but I don’t feel like it shows up on my cheek – which is not a bad thing! I like a pink glow but I also like not a pink glow so I wasn’t fussy.

Here comes the fun part – the second highlighter. This is when shit gets real. I like to use Mary LouManizer to demonstrate just how much of a difference using the liquid highlighter underneath makes. I love a bit of Mary LouManizer but it’s never as pigmented as I want it; it gives off more of a subtle glow and I don’t believe subtlety has any place in a highlighting environment. The first time I tried this combination together I was actually filming for a little YT video test so I have proof that this is like, a life changing combination. Hopefully the photos demonstrate this well enough.

Mary LouManizer without Manna.

Mary LouManizer with Manna.

I’ve not tried it with any other highlighters yet, but I think with something like Champagne Pop, I might blind a few people. That’s the hope at least.

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