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By the time this post goes up, my Instagram will hopefully be flooded with photos from my city break away to Budapest. I’ve never really done a city break holiday, it’s always pool holidays, so this is quite a nice change (I hope, I’m writing this post in advance). City breaks seem to be getting increasingly popular and I can already tell that once I’ve had a taste of the city life, I won’t be going back. So here’s some of the things I’ve taken on my holiday that definitely come in handy.

First is a backpack, to keep all the crap in. Pick a good one because you don’t want anyone going into it and pinching things off you whilst you’re out and about. They’re much better than a tote bag or handbag as well, because city holidays usually involve a lot of walking and you do not want to ruin your back AND your feet. If you can, stick your stuff in your boyfriends bag. That’s what I do, and I have no back problems at all! (Just kidding – I have nothing but back problems.)

An obvious one – suncream. I’ll be taking factor 50 after I fell asleep in the sun at my home in Scotland and got burnt, so now my mother will not let me leave the country without a 50. But hey, if it saves me getting burnt, it’s a winner for me! I’ll be keeping this in my boyfriends backpack to put on if I feel like I’m burning at any point during the day.

My camera is an absolute essential for me wherever I go, whether it’s on holiday or just out for a walk. You never know when there’s going to be a potential photo opportunity, especially in a foreign country, so take a camera EVERYWHERE. Of course, as a blogger, I’m going to be documenting every single second of my trip and Instagramming it all so my camera will definitely get a hell of a lot of use.

Hats are also an essential for me, my scalp always gets burnt when it’s sunny, no matter what. I have two caps and a nice fancy floppy hat so that I can change it up depending on what mood I’m in. I’ve been getting really into hats recently, even though I’m not really brave enough to wear them outdoors yet, I keep buying them and just storing them in my cupboard.

My feet seem to always get beaten up when I’m doing a lot of walking – I did not take one pair of comfy shoes with me to London and that was the worst mistake of my life. We were only doing lots of walking for 3 days but my feet felt absolutely destroyed and when we got home, I refused to move from the couch unless it was absolutely essential. How will I cope with 10 days?! I’m prepared this time though, I bought insoles for my Converse which will hopefully make them a little comfier and I am ready to rock and roll.

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I don’t think I’ll wear a lot of makeup when I’m over there (even though my travel makeup kit is a bit extensive) because it’ll be so hot that it’ll just likely melt off my face completely, so I’m also bringing a facial spray. This doubles up as a setting spray but when I decide not to wear makeup, I can bring this and give my face a little spritz if it feels like it’s getting too warm and sweaty. Facial sprays are my saviour when it’s hot; those two seconds of sweet, cold relief are better than anything else in this life.

Some cute little travel bottles.

This may seem extensive but I can guarantee I have gotten a hell of a lot of use out of these different objects over the course of my holiday.

What are your city break essentials?


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