Like most people I’m sure, I came into blogging with a set of expectations that have pretty much been fully debunked in the year I’ve been doing it. For outsiders, I hope this gives you a full perspective into what blogging is actually like. When you’re watching it from the side-lines, I believe it’s completely different than when you’re actually partaking in it.


I will admit I didn’t consider how much effort actually goes into getting a post up onto your blog. I thought it was just write, snap a few pics, post, done! Oh how wrong I was. First you have to think up the idea. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to the entirety of your blogging career. Then you write. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t proof read. Thus ensuing a shedload of typos. Taking photos absolutely sucks; editing photos is slightly more fun. Compositions are hard, photos never look good, I hate photography (not really). Then you post and you have to promote that shit for the rest of your life if you want it to get out there. Post it everywhere, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the town billboard – getting people to read your stuff is not easy and without promotion you may fall flat very quickly! Definitely not an easy job. Most bloggers have full time or part time jobs, or are students outside of their blog so fitting in time to get all of this done is tedious but so rewarding when you succeed.

The reality: exhausted, no longer able to act candid, still in gym clothes from several hours ago.


It does still feel like the majority of successful bloggers come from London, but I’ve spoken to people from all corners of the world that are producing content and smashing it. I love the diversity throughout blogging, although it seems like the media and brands don’t appreciate this. And for the events, I’ve been to one. Which I bought a ticket for. And guess where it was? London. It’s like, hello, we all exist in the world too! I wish I could plan events everywhere for everyone outside of London to go to because we should all get to meet bloggers close to us and have fun and get too tipsy on free Prosecco.


When I first started blogging I was like OH YEAH I’m gonna completely tidy up my whole desk and sit there and blog and feel organised. I can’t sit at my desk right now; I can’t see the chair because it is buried in clothes. I couldn’t even tell you what crap is on my desk because I’m honestly not even sure. I do all of my blogging from my bed; I take photos on my bed, I write on my bed, I don’t think I ever leave my bed to be honest. I’m never dressed when I’m doing all of this either, it’s either pyjamas or underwear or just my dressing gown. I am not a poster girl for ‘photogenic blogging’.

A little embarrassed to share this. This is the current state of my desk, behind the wire baskets.

A massive misconception about blogging is that you get sent free stuff all the time and people only start a blog to get free stuff. Honey, you are gonna be at it a while before you even start getting spam emails to your blog account, let alone actual emails from brands. I will admit, it is a massive perk that I will never take for granted, but it doesn’t happen as often as people think it does. You have to work your little butt off just to get noticed nowadays because of the size of the blogging community (which is not a bad thing, I love having so many blog friends to talk to) and even then there are dodgy PR companies that will just mess you around.


Full time blogging is, I think, a massive aspiration of so many bloggers nowadays. I don’t work towards full time blogging but I definitely wouldn’t say to if I was offered the chance to. The older generation and outsiders of blogging probably think you start making money from the second you start up a blog – the reality could not be more different. I’ve been at it for just over a year and I’m yet to make money from it. Full time blogging is a long way off for me at the minute, and I do really envy those who make this their lifestyle and work with really famous brands and seem to always be on holiday, but that is absolutely not the norm.

What misconceptions did you have about blogging?