Since chopping all my hair off, I’ve had to get a bit more inventive with hairstyles due to not being able to just tie my hair up anymore. In a way, short hair is a bit more of a nightmare because unless you have naturally Hannah Baker style waves, you can’t just leave it au natural and expect it to look amazing. So here’s several of the things I do to my hair to make it look a bit nicer!


My favourite hairstyle to do is loose waves – I favour my GHD straighteners for this but on a few occasions I have used my curlers. After using whichever heat spray I have on the go (today it’s VO5) I place the hair in the straighteners and twist it either away or towards my face, and if all goes well, it creates quite a nice little curl. Sometimes I’ll add a few pleats into the sides, or mess it up a little and add some salt spray, but I think curls definitely look the best on short hair.



This is a hairstyle I’ve seen floating around for ages, but I’ve just never tried it for some reason. I think they look really cute on short hair even though it takes a few goes to make the buns look acceptable. I usually just section off two bits at the top of my hair (because it’s not long enough for me to take the whole hair) and twist it round into a little bun. Sounds easy, it’s not. The buns just never want to look right!


I used to do French braids and Dutch braids all the time when my hair was longer, but I’ve found it a bit trickier now that my hair is super short. I braid the hair as normal but leave the bottom layer out, once I’ve tied the braids with a bit of elastic I then make a loop with the remaining hair and tuck the ends of the braids in, hiding the ends and the elastics. It’s a nice elegant twist on the very popular braids. Of course, you can just leave them as the normal braids but I find they stick out to the sides a little too much and I end up looking like that little emoji girl with the pigtails.


A messy bun is also something I used to do all the time, just for a lazy Sunday or if I couldn’t really be bothered to do anything else, but now my hair barely reaches halfway up my head, let alone the very top. So I’ve had to reconsider my buns and do them just at the nape of my neck. Instead of the regular twisty bun, I tie a very loose ponytail and flip it in on itself until the end is hidden. I pop a few bobby pins in, pull some front bits out and there we go! 


My go-to lazy hairstyle has now become the classic half up ponytail/bun thing. It’s about as simple as it sounds, you just grab half your hair and tie it up into either a ponytail or a bun – it requires minimal effort and it’s done in about 2 minutes. I usually sleep in this hairstyle too because it’s the only one that doesn’t hurt the back of my head. #shorthairprobs

What are your go-to hairstyles?