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We all know just how influencial bloggers can be, amount of following doesn’t matter (well, not to me personally). I don’t care if you have 20 or 20,000 followers, if you recommend something, odds are I will buy it. And because I am so succeptible to recommendations, I never have any money. I try to save up but then someone’s like “you need to try this” or “this completely cured my acne” and I’m like YUP, sold, that’s getting bought.

My first big foundation splurge was on Estee Lauder’s iconic Double Wear foundation, almost exactly a year ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m pretty sure that it was MARIA who raved about it and convinced me to buy it, but I have no doubt that so many other people unknowingly influenced me. It’s the best coverage I’ve ever had and the only foundation that lasts all day without being shit – I have written a post about a possible drugstore Double Wear dupe that I found which you can find HERE, but I haven’t actually written a standalone review post, I don’t think..Ah well, I’m sure it’s tucked away in a favourites somewhere.

Sticking with foundations, another one I tried but did not take to at all is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation, which was massively popular with a number of beauty influencers including but not limited to Zoella. So being the clueless 16 year old I was, if Zoella said it’s good, I’m gonna buy it. So I did, and it doesn’t really suit my skin type at all so it just pretty much falls off my face. The same thing happened with NARS Sheer Glow, it looks amazing on my skin but after just a few minutes the oiliness shines through and it ends up looking tragic. Note to self; do research before buying literally anything.

I think almost every teenager has, at some point, tried Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, just because of how hyped up it was everywhere. Literally. I have been using this stuff since it was called Collection 2000 and I’m only now beginning to accept that it might not be right for my skin. I know, I’m heartbroken too. I love the coverage, it’s the best coverage I’ve ever had in a concealer, but it just does not last on my skin and it’s gutting. So, I am in the market for a good, inexpensive concealer. 

One of the most recent things I’ve gotten hold of because of influencers is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I actually didn’t buy this myself but after seeing the response on the palette from within the blogosphere, I asked for it almost every day in the run up to Christmas. I use it pretty much every day and I still just cant bear to remove it from it’s little cardboard box because it’s still too precious. I did a full review post on the palette complete with a little makeup tutorial which you can find HERE.

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Thanks to the blogging community, I very nearly bankrupted myself buying myself the best camera for bloggers to have ever existed – the holy grail Olympus Pen (which I used to take these photos so it’s not pictured). It was well worth it though, this is top of the list of the best things I’ve bought thanks to bloggers. You can find  an extensive review post HERE which will maybe make you also bankrupt yourself but honest to god, you will thank me.

I’m quite thankful that most of the things on this little list have been successes – I can’t usually say that about many things. I love being part of such an influencial community, I love that there’s always someone to help when you need recommendations for things or if you’re having trouble with a product. It is genuinely such a friendly, nice community.

What have bloggers made you buy?



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