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I wouldn’t usually be able to do one of these posts because I only have one makeup bag and I take all my makeup with me when I go on holiday – but this time, I have specifically bought a makeup bag for my holiday and, more importantly, this post. So I can only take the bits and pieces I’ll use and it’s easier for me to show you. Plus my old makeup bag was absolutely not photography worthy, it’s about 4 years old and is not in good condition, shall we say.

This massive gem of a bag cost me £4 from Primark – it’s huge and beautiful and such a bargain. The other bags I use are Zoeva bags, which came with the sets of brushes I bought a while back. I usually put all my brushes and application tools in the one bag, and actual makeup in another.

So obviously we have the beauty tools bag, which consists of all my brushes; Zoeva, Real Techniques, Spectrum, Iconic London and some mini Ecotools ones in there too. I have two of the Real Techniques complexion sponges and two little sponges from Primark that I’m gonna try out whilst I’m away as well. Ooh, I smell a comparison post. I’ve also thrown in some tweezers, little scissors (which I use primarily to trim out-of-hand eyebrow hairs) and nail clippers too.

Next we have the other Zoeva makeup bag, which is for foundations and such. I don’t really categorise my makeup when I’m travelling but I like to keep foundations upright in the smaller bag to lessen the chances of it spilling because I think there is little that is more heart-breaking than an expensive foundation spill. We also have my chosen bronzers and highlighters and my primer in here as well, so just most of my base products I guess. I am accidentally rather organised.

Finally – the big bag. This is just all the other crap that doesn’t fit in the other two. So, eye products, some base products and my setting spray. Narrowing down which palettes to take on holiday is the impossible task, can’t I take them all?! I settled for Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 and Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I honestly don’t even know how much I’m going to wear makeup out there, but better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

So there is a very brief insight into my travel makeup bag! It’ll be really hot out in Budapest so I’ll probably opt for very minimal makeup most days but I’d still like to have the option of doing a OTT face if I want to.

What makeup do you take on holiday with you?


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