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Since returning from London about a month ago, I have pretty much been ‘on the ball’ in terms of my content and posting schedule; which is completely new to me and I’m having so much fun being super organised and producing content that I love making. It’s not been an easy journey for me, I’ve given up on this more than a few times because of lack of inspiration and motivation so I thought I’d share a few of the ways I find inspiration – I may or may not cover motivation later. Once I work out exactly what it is that’s actually motivating me.


I only started using this properly over the last few weeks, I’ve had a Bloglovin account for a long, long time and set my posts up automatically so there’s really minimal effort I have to put in. But I didn’t realise how useful it actually is for catching up with your favourite blogs AND finding inspiration for your own posts. You can follow all your favourite bloggers (providing they use Bloglovin) and just scroll down your feed reading posts for hours and hours.

The way I use this to help with my blog post ideas is simply from other blogs. But, DON’T COPY. Do not copy another bloggers idea word for word, simply use it as inspiration and apply it to your own ideas and content. Someone writing a ‘Whats in my Makeup Bag’ inspired me to write a travel version, as I have an upcoming holiday. This also inspired a ‘City Break Essentials’ post (spoilers) and plenty other travel related posts in the future. It’s something as simple as that to start an epidemic of ideas and inspiration – so if you don’t already use Bloglovin, definitely give it a download. 


I don’t really use Pinterest for many ideas, but I use it for hair inspiration a lot so it led me to think about doing a post on my favourite hairstyles. I have a Pinterest board specifically for hairstyles for my new, shorter hair and so it only made sense to use some of these in a post. There’s also SO many DIY tutorials for things like makeup brush holders or a bag out of a pair of jeans that you can do a step-by-step recreation of for your blog. Just obviously make sure you source the originial article and do not take full credit for something that you’re recreating.


This is more for lifestyle bloggers – the beauty of having a blog is that you’re not limited with what you write about and you can include as many opinions as you want. Sharing your opinion on politics and the news can give you an outlet for things you want to discuss and also help the people who don’t normally have an interest in the news or politics. News articles can be so formal and hard to read, but if you write in a more informal way I can pretty much guarantee at least one person will find it useful (probably me).


You can draw inspiration from anywhere if you look hard enough – what surrounds where you live? You could do a tourist guide to your local area, or find those un-stereotypical areas in your nearest big city for people who don’t want the normal tourist experience. You can take outfit photos just about anywhere, going out for lunch can turn into a full outfit shoot, as long as you don’t have bins and stuff in the background. The woods, nice houses or even your bedroom can be great places for photos.

If you don’t feel confident enough being in front of the camera for fashion photos, you can do outfit flatlays; to give an idea of your outfit but you don’t have to be in it. You can do an OOTD or seasonal must-haves, if you spend enough time online shopping you can do a wishlist post for whichever website takes all your money, or you can do a hypothetical ‘what I would wear to this event’ style post. The possibilities are almost endless.

Similarly, your makeup bag and wherever you keep your skincare is a treasure trove for blog post ideas. Any products you love and haven’t reviewed, review them. New products, do a first impressions post. You can do seasonal posts, how you’ve changed up your makeup and skincare in line with the seasons, you can review your empty products, whether you loved or hated them, and you can also write about products you’ve hated. Recreating makeup looks, no matter how good you are at makeup, also make for fun reads and personally, they inspire me to get creative with my makeup too.

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I’ve not long started to try and write about myself more, give my readers more of an insight into what I’m actually like and who I am outside of my blog. You can do a simple ‘however many facts about me’ or write a few paragraphs on your life and what you’re up to. Weekly updates are also a good idea, or I do monthly reflections where I give everyone a little insight into the past month of my life and give them an idea of what the next month has in store. Writing about mental health is therapeutic and it really helps, given how much support is out there from the blogging community and people who have experienced similar things. It’s scary, but don’t write it off just yet.

I’m pretty much dreading the day that my inspiration runs out, but by the looks of things that won’t be for at least a month yet so long may it continue.

Where do you like to find inspiration for your blog?


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