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I’ve heard a LOT about Kiehls skincare, all good things. So many people rave about different Kiehls products and the blogger and skincare addict within me have always been desperate to try out some bits and pieces. Well, it finally happened. And here we are, reviewing it. I am now poor but my skin is significantly happier, which matters more than money, right? The two things I picked up were the Ultra Facial Cream and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, both of which (spoilers) are incredible and well worth the £50 I paid for both of them in the airport duty free. Why does spending money in an airport always feel like you aren’t spending money? 

Lets start with the Ultra Facial Cream which, despite its very formal and not too fancy appearance, is actually a joy to photograph. This cost me round about £20, but I think it was discounted in the airport so it may be slightly more in normal stores. It did hurt me a little paying so much for a moisturiser, as my moisturisers are usually just drugstore ones that cost £5 at most. But you do get what you pay for and I would pay the regular, non-discounted price for this moisturiser because it is honestly the best one I’ve ever used.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had the worst dry patch ever on my nose which just got even worse after I got my nose pierced and couldn’t really cleanse properly. Cue the typical, this is where the Ultra Facial Cream comes in and saves the day. Since using this twice a day, morning and night, I have not had that dry patch on my nose. If only I knew it were this easy, the daily exfoliating was getting a bit tiresome and is really not good for the rest of my face.

Next up, the well-loved Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which cost me around £30 with an airport discount but is regularly £38 (I think). I have read a few mixed reviews on this, some people love it and others don’t really see any results from it which is a bit disappointing. I, on the other hand, saw results from the first day I used it. Not only is it completely beautiful to look at, it smells like lavender which just sets you up perfectly to go to bed. I could photograph these two Kiehls products probably forever. Plus, I use a few drops of this every single night and have been doing so for just about a month, and it looks as if I’ve used none of it. This will last you ages.

With these two products combined – my skin looks clearer, my spots don’t take as long to fade and my skin tone is so much more even than before. Especially with the moisturiser, if I use another one at night time, I can tell in the morning because my skin doesn’t look as healthy and hydrated. I’ve not had a night off from the Midnight Recovery so I don’t know how my skin will fare without it, but I feel like my spots have been scarring less as I use this and old scars are finally beginning to fade, which is exactly what I want. 

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For me, although Kiehls is expensive, it definitely is worth the money. I want to invest more in my skincare and Kiehls is an amazing place to start – I’d definitely like to try out the Ultra Facial Cleanser so if anyone has reviewed it, send me a link!

Have you ever tried Kiehls?