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I think I’ve complained about my skin way too much on this blog, so I should probably spare you the details. But am I going to? No. 

For as long as I can remember, my skin has been a hot mess. I had pretty bad acne back when I was in high school and I’ve just never fully recovered from it; it’s always been uneven with tons of red marks and it just seems like it always looks dull. Makeup didn’t start looking nice on my skin up until last year, when I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and actually started investing a little more in skincare. I’ve been trying out a few new things recently so I thought I’d start off with some real lifechanging products – The Body Shop’s Drops of Light range.

New Drops of Light™ helps to brighten your skin, smooth the complexion and leave your skin tone even. It’s a bright new day for more healthy, luminous looking skin.

I noticed quite a few people on my Facebook talking about how amazing the Liquid Peel was, and there was an offer on at the time so I pretty much had to buy it. It’s an essential. It’s a bit on the pricier side at £18 but it’s such an amazing product that I would probably pay double that for it. Their website claims you’ll see results from the first use, which is absolutely true.

Basically, you put a few pumps in your hand, rub it together, then apply to your face starting from the forehead. I go in circular motions around my whole face and you should start to feel little lumps forming – that is the dead skin being removed from your face. Kinda disgusting, but also kinda amazing. The feeling of your skin afterwards is surreal, I don’t think I’ve ever felt skin so soft in my life. The resurfacing nature of the peel also means your skin looks radiant and red marks are visibly reduced! It pretty much solves all my problems AND it suits all skin types.

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I’ve also been trying out the cleansing foam, which is a bit cheaper at £12, which I’m a bit unsure of. I think it’s definitely made a difference to my skin, but I don’t know if it’s right for my skin type. Since it’s a foaming wash and I have oily skin, it leaves it feeling really dry and tight. I’m not sure if this is normal, and it’s a bit gutting because I am noticing a difference from using this but I feel it may be suited for dry skin.

I love the packaging of these, it’s totally blogger Instagram worthy and I could photograph them all day. A little bit goes a long way with both of these – you only need a pea sized amount of the cleanser and a pump or two of the peel. They should last you a long time so it helps make the price tag a bit less painful.

If you were to go out tomorrow and buy one product to help your skin, it would have to be the liquid peel. It’s such an unusual product that doesn’t even compare to other liquid exfoliants (Pixi, Alpha-H) because you actually see and feel the difference and the dead skin.

What are your favourite Body Shop products?



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