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Just let me start off by saying that I am probably the least active person you will ever meet. I just don’t move. I’m more than happy to just sit in my bed and watch TV or blog for hours on end, and then wonder why the muscles in my legs seem to have stopped working. That said, for the past few weeks I have actually managed to maintain regular exercise and actually enjoy it, which is a foreign concept to me. I never thought I would actually be able to keep up being fit and active but now that I am almost a fully fledged ‘gym bunny’, I thought I’d share some of the ways that I keep myself motivated and what makes exercising easier for me.


This is probably the thing that has kept me the most motivated – when you go to the gym with someone, you’re basically tied into the commitment unless you want to lose your friend and never have those golden goddess abs. I have been going 5 days a week for most weeks since joining the gym, and if I didn’t have my friend nagging me to get out of bed early I almost definitely wouldn’t go as much. Having someone with you who is just as lazy as you are is one of the biggest motivators; you’re both hating it, but you’re both there.


I will admit I did not do any research prior to joining the gym. It was more like “hey, do you wanna join the gym?” “Yeah, okay” and then we did. We didn’t realise how amazing the perks were until we actually got there and then it was like oh my god I love it here I am going to be here all the time. We do have to pay a fair bit for the membership but all the extras are amazing – we get free use of the sauna and steam room, the gym is 24 hour and we always have access, and we get a free nutrition plan as well as attending any classes we want for free. Ballin’.


In addition to all the things I just mentioned, we are also entitled to a free workout plan with our membership, which will get updated every 4 weeks. I used to go to the gym years ago but I stopped because I pretty much had no idea what I was doing, I would just run on the treadmill, do some pathetic weights and leave. Definitely not worth the money I was paying to go to the gym. With the plan we have, I know exactly what I’m doing and how much I should be lifting. It definitely helps knowing I’m actually getting my moneys worth and doing exercises that will be beneficial to me.


So whilst I have got nice gym clothes, you couldn’t really say I invested in them because they’re just from Primark. I pay so much for the membership that I can’t actually afford the fancy gym clothes to wear to the gym. It doesn’t bother me, it does the same job as more expensive gym wear and I look just as good. I think feeling good at the gym is really important, people will slate girls for wearing makeup to gym or whatever, but if it makes you comfortable and less self conscious, then go for it. I only wear makeup there if I’m going straight from work but for ages I was too self conscious to even step foot in a gym. If looking good helps you get there, then do it. 


I’ve only been going for a short while but I’m already starting to see a difference in my body and my strength. If you note these progresses, even through photos, it almost starts the exercise addiction. When you start to see results, you’ll never want to stop. It’s taken me a few weeks, but I can finally chest press 9kg without wanting to be sick or needing to stop after 5. I’m also noticing a difference in my middle, it’s more defined and I look ever so slightly leaner. My bum also looks rounder, and now I’m completely obsessed with working harder and getting results quicker. Just you wait, next week I will have a full 6 pack and a massive bum. Well, massive-er.

So here I am, a self confessed bed lover, actually getting up and going to gym and enjoying it. If last year you told me I’d be paying £40 a month to go to the gym every day, I would’ve 100% laughed in your face. Don’t you know me?!

How do you stay motivated to exercise?

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