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So if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you’ll know I recently changed from my beloved Canon 600d to the Olympus Pen E-PL7! I’ve been admiring the Pen for months and months, so when I found it at a reduced price, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to nab it. I think the Pen is almost every bloggers dream camera, and for good reason.


The quality of the images that the Pen takes is completely insane, I honestly think it’s so much better than my Canon. Each picture is sharp and clear, you can read writing so well and if you crop or edit photos, the quality is minimally affected. You can zoom all the way in and still see every single detal almost as if it was right in front of you. MAD. 


There aren’t as many features on the Pen as there were on the Canon, but I found them all way too overwhelming and usually just kept all the settings the same anyway so having less options is something I’ve found a lot easier. You have the automatic settings, where it sets the shutter speed and aperture itself, then you can set the shutter speed and aperture separately and also together, you can film, create a collage on the camera itself, set the scene mode and the camera would set the settings automatically, you can apply creative effects, and full auto mode which sets the scene mode and everything else. Phew. Sounds like a lot, but it’s a lot more managable than the Canon settings!

There is also a wifi feature, which is one of the things that made this camera even more attractive to me. With the Canon, I would have to put the memory card into my laptop and go through a whole load of hassle to transfer them, edit them, then transfer them back. This also meant that if I went on holiday anywhere, I wouldn’t be able to access my photos until I got home unless I had my laptop. Now, I just press a few buttons and I have my photos right there on my phone. The wifi feature also comes with a remote control feature, so I can use my phone to see what the camera is seeing, and take the photo that way, if that makes sense. Comes in handy for a whole lot of things!

The screen flips out down and out on the Pen, but one thing that’s quite annoying is it doesn’t turn round or flip out sideways. With the Canon, the screen flipped out and round so I could hide the screen when I had to transport it anywhere. I’m always worried that the screen on my E-PL7 will get scratched.


I was a bit taken aback at the lack of viewfinder but it turns out it’s actually not a massive issue. The focus is slightly different compared to the Canon, you press the left button on the keypad and it displays a grid which you then use to move the focus to whichever point you need. Alternatively, you can use the touch screen to focus, which is SO COOL. I keep trying to encourage my boyfriend to use the touch screen option because he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the button focus and my outfit photos are mostly out of focus. But of course, I’m extremely appreciative that he’s even willing to take my photos. If he wasn’t, I’d be ruined.


I am a complete photography novice and I actually find this really easy to use. I’m not really one for instructions, I tend to just work things out as I go, and I’ve picked up most of the features on this relatively quickly. It took me a little while to realise that the second twisty dial can be used to alter the aperture/shutter speed and Maria had to tell me that the screen actually lifts all the way out but I think that’s it.  


The following photos are all unedited photos taken with my 45mm f1.8 Olympus lens, so you can see for yourself how good the quality of the photos is.


The following 2 photos are edited with ColorStory, just to show that the quality of the photos remains after editing.

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I purchased my camera from eBay so it only cost me about £350, which included the 14-42mm pancake lens, but I then bought the 45mm lens which set me back £199. The camera usually retails at about £400/£500 so I’m pretty chuffed that I managed to find such a good deal, considering it was in perfect condition, in the box, as if it were brand new (for all I know, it could be). Given the quality of the images and the insane range of features, I find it to be definitely worth the money. The lightweight feel and wifi options mean it’s easy to take anywhere, and the effect achieved with the 45mm lens is unlike any other.

I would 100% recommend this camera over a Canon camera anyday. But the Olympus suits my needs more than my Canon did, so it just depends what you’re after. I would definitely encourage anyone sitting on the fence about this camera to just go for it, it will change your life.

Have you ever tried the Olympus Pen?



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