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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (which you probably do already because where else would you find my blog) then you’ll know I spent the best part of the last week exploring London with my boyfriend. I have family that live really close to the city centre so when all you’re paying for is flights and tubes, you can’t really turn it down. We were initially down for a family party so our holiday bit didn’t really start until the Monday – which is why there will only be 3 travel posts.

The first day consisted of figuring out tube lines and complaining about how sore our feet were already after walking from the house to the tube station. We also booked to go to Madame Tussauds at midday; we visited the one in Amsterdam and loved it so it only seemed right to visit the huge massive London one.

 It completely lived up to its expectations, I may never tire of taking stupid photos with waxwork models. I must admit, my favourites were Zoella and Kim Kardashian. I did NOT enjoy seeing Trump standing in the fake Oval Office with my main man Obama shoved off to the side with Kennedy.

My phone memory is now completely full of selfies and posed photos at Madame Tussauds – I did try to take some photos in there on my camera but I had just bought my 45mm lens and was reluctant to remove it, so you had to stand practically across the road to get any sort of decent photo. My phone did eventually die, of course, and I was without it for a good 3 hours which hurt my soul a little bit.

After Madame Tussauds we were pretty much aimlessly wandering until we happened across Trafalgar Square. There were 2 floating Yoda’s, 2 chalk artists and one weird street performer. One of the chalk artists was sketching the world maps, and you put money on your country, which I thought was a really cool idea. Also a good money making scheme because I definitely couldn’t resist putting money down on the little Scotland flag.

 From Trafalgar Square we walked down to Big Ben, which is something I always see when I’m in London but I just kinda go “oh, there’s Ben” instead of actually taking time to look at it.

Then we trudged along to Buckingham Palace because it’s one of those things that you can’t not see when you go to London. I feel like it’s not really anything special but it’s still fun to watch everyone go crazy over it, and the flag was up which (I think) means the Queen was in. So I almost saw the Queen.

 My outfit consisted of a shirt that I actually wore 2 days in a row, because that’s how much I loved it, from Bershka (which I had never shopped in before but I am now in love with) and a really old leather jacket that I should not have worn because I very nearly froze to death.

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The jeans are from Primark and actually fit me surprisingly well considering they were about £8. I don’t even know where I got these shoes from because they are so many years old. I think what we can take away from this is that I really need to update my wardrobe.

And that’s day 1! Non stop from about 11am, as was every other day. My feet are still recovering now.

What are your favourite places to visit in London? 



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