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I came across this gorgeous castle whilst on a little googling spree of places me and my boyfriend could go to take photos and explore a little bit. He’s desperate to go to Japan and I love blossom trees, so it worked out pretty well that Lauriston Castle has a little Japanese garden filled with blossom trees and other cute little Instagrammable features.

Blossom trees are definitely my favourite trees – I just wish they stayed as blossoms and didn’t eventually turn into proper green trees.
I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to have photos taken in these trees, I’m sure everyone else in the little park was a bit like ‘what is she doing?’ but you just can’t pass up a backdrop like that.

It took us longer than I’d care to admit to actually find the entrance to the castle, I’m a bit of an uneasy driver and don’t want to cause hassle for anyone else on the roads so we turned down the wrong street, then missed the entrance completely and had to loop back round to find it. Thankfully we managed to find a parking space really easily because that would’ve just been the straw the broke the camels back and I would’ve driven home.

It seems like I can’t leave the house without acquiring a flower to put in my hair. Last time there were bugs in the flower so you’d think I would’ve learned my lesson and stopped putting them in my hair but here we are again! It’s worth it because it looks so cute though.

When I got my Olympus, I sold my Canon to my boyfriend so now I get some really nice candids, thank to him. The majority of the photos taken of me on my blog or Instagram were taken by him, but the constant camera swapping did get a little tedious – so now we both have one! I always feel bad asking him to take photos of me because I’m very specific with what I want and could honestly just stand having photos taken of me for hours. Even then I’d probably only find 4 of them internet worthy. I am a nightmare photographee.

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If you’re ever around Edinburgh, definitely go check out Lauriston! The grounds are completely free to roam around – the castle is a few pound and there are only certain months of the year you can access it but it’s worth going just for the Kyoto Garden.



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