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A few of you might remember seeing these floating around in a Facebook video a while back – that’s where I first saw them and I loved them but kinda brushed it to the side because things in Facebook videos are either not real or only available in America. BUT – I found these on ASOS! And just in time too, I’m pretty sure they sold out the day after I bought them. They were sitting in my wishlist for about a month so boy, am I glad they didn’t sell out before. I could photograph these every day for the rest of my life.

These 3 little flower balms only cost me £25 for all 3, plus a cute little golden makeup bag. Of course, there are still new and shiny and precious therefore I can’t bear to remove them from the packaging. I like to just sit and look at them all day, I’ve only just recently gotten past being too afraid to actually use them.

The little yellow flower is my favourite – it’s so dainty and little and fits perfectly in the balm. You can kind of see the pink tint in this photo; these balms react to the PH in your lips and turn your own perfectly tailored shade of pink. One thing I have found is that they don’t last very long, but they are a balm and not a lipstick so they restore your lips and also add a little tint.

One thing about these that the blogger in me really hates is the rounded bottom. It was a nightmare trying to get them to stand up for photos – pretty sure you can actually see the blutac I used to get them to stay upright. Although, this isn’t a reflection of the actual product. But if you were going to buy these solely to take photos of and never to use, I’d advise against it.

I really like the shade of pink they turn on me – it’s nice and natural and not too different from my normal lip colour. You do notice a difference but it’s not too drastic, I’ve always struggled to make pink lipsticks look nice on me so this was a welcome change. They perform well as a lip balm too, I can usually just get away with applying it once and my lips are all set for the rest of the day.

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